How to Convert Grams to Moles While Doing Equation Balancing?

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In chemistry the standard unit for measurement of amount is mole and weighing scales don’t provide measurements in moles. Most commonly the substances are taken in grams then converted into moles to carry out chemical processes and equation balancing.

Due to the reason it’s necessary to convert grams to moles and in other words the need of conversion arises. However, there is no conversion formula for converting any other unit to moles, instead the atomic mass value and chemical formulas are implied for conversion.

Chemical equation balancer are examples of chemical reactions in symbolic form. On the left, the reacting materials (reactants) are listed, and on the right, the products are listed, normally divided by an arrow indicating the reaction’s path.

The proportion of each chemical entity before and after the reaction is shown by the numerical coefficients adjacent to each chemical entity. In a chemical reaction, the law of conservation of mass dictates that the quantity of each substance must remain unchanged.

As a result, each side of the chemical equation must have the same quantity of each product in a balanced equation. Concerning the importance of a balanced chemical equation and the requirement to present substances in moles.

We would learn how to convert the grams to moles for balancing chemical equations in this article.

What is a Mole

The chemical compounds are quantified in terms of atoms and molecules. However, we can’t interact with substances one atom or molecule at a time; instead, we work with millions, billions, and trillions of atoms and molecules. We need a method for dealing with macroscopic rather than microscopic quantities of matter.

We need a unit of measure that connects the amounts of substances on a scale that we can comprehend. The mole is a unit of measurement in chemistry. A mole (mol) is a unit of measurement equal to the number of atoms in 12 grams of carbon-12. This number has been estimated to be very high by experimental measurements it comes out as:

1 mol = 6.02214179 × 1023 things

Molar Mass

The relative atomic mass is the ratio of an element’s total mass to 1/12 of the mass of a carbon-12 molecule. The molar mass of each element can be calculated by multiplying the molar mass constant (1 g/mol) by the atomic weight of that particular element from the relative atomic mass of an element.

Since atomic weights are dimensionless, multiplying by the molar mass constant means that the equation is dimensionally right. To make grams to mole and even mole to grams conversions easier, the molar mass value can be used as a conversion factor. you can also use the grams to moles calculator for conversion grams to moles.

Conversion factor for grams to moles

To convert moles into grams first of all using the periodic table, locate the atomic masses of the elements present in the equation. And for the compounds in the equation use formulas mass of compound. The numbers of atoms for each compound could be identified using its formula mass.

As the subscripts in a formula represent the number of atoms. In the case of no existence of a subscript indicates that there is only one atom of the element in the chemical equation.

The number of atoms of the element in the equation now has to be multiplied by the atomic mass of that element. Perform this process with all the atoms and then sum them together to get the amount of grams per mole. This is the formula you can use to convert grams into mole.

To put it together in the form of equation for conversion of grams to moles we can write it as:

Grams = Moles/ Molar mass

However, this is most commonly written in chemical conversions as:

Grams x 1mole/number of grams = moles

where 1mole/number of grams =molar mass

Thus, to convert grams to moles, use the molar mass constant. The number of moles of a substance can be measured by multiplying the grams by its molar mass. Molecular weight calculator helps to understand the molecular mass and molar mass.


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