How to Clean Your Dehumidifier : 8 Easy Steps!

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Humidity and moisture are two important things that all of us want to stay out of. water is the main ground for various issues including mildew and mold, that could lead towards serious problems. The best dehumidifier could keep the humidity out of the room air effectively and keep mildew and mold to a minimum level.

When the dehumidifier is pulling the moisture, it is also collecting the nasty stuff like mold, mildew and bacteria. Thus, it is important to clean it regularly for the proper maintenance. If you don’t know how to clean your dehumidifier, here is the solution!

How often to clean the dehumidifier?

Dust and debris could get stuck in your dehumidifier if you don’t clean it. parts like heating and cooling coils remain inside the water reservoir unit. These elements could get damaged without proper cleanliness. The unit may stop working eventually. If you want to get the highest effectiveness from it, you should clean it at least twice a month.

Cleaning a dehumidifier:

Cleaning a dehumidifier is not too hard. Always remember that you have to clean every part including the exterior of the unit, water reservoir and the filters. If it is the first that you are going to clean your dehumidifier, here are some easy steps to get the task done.

1. Unplug the dehumidifier:

Make sure that you have switched off the dehumidifier before starting or even bringing a wet cloth or rug near it. unplug your dehumidifier from the power unit and this would ensure that it is harmless to clean the interior and exterior parts. Even if you want to just wipe down, you should unplug it for safety.

2. Wipe off:

A dehumidifier removes all hazardous stuff in the air efficiently. The exterior or outer shell is the first defense and internal components are protected through it. After unplugging your dehumidifier, you have to take a dry and clean cloth and wipe off grime and dirt. If you find it excessively dirty, you should use a wet or cloth for wiping. Avoid using any cleaning solvent or spray water directly on it because it may cause ceasing to function.

3. Cleaning the reservoir:

Reservoir is the collection tank of water of the unit that should be emptied for saving it from damaging elements. It’s best to use soap and warm water or a disinfectant to clean the reservoir.

Mold and mildew tend to grow quickly and after making their home inside the reservoir, they could disperse in the air that may spread illness. Thus, you should clean in properly after 3 weeks especially when you use it frequently.

Just pour some liquid soap inside the reservoir tank with water. scrub it gently and then rinse it. let it dry completely before you put it back. Vinegar is the good element for breaking up the stubborn dirt or hard-water deposits in this step. You should check the manual to make sure that it’s not contraindicated.

4. Rinsing air filter:

An air filter works like magic but having a dirty filter would not work even slightly. For cleaning the air filter, you have to remove the filter from the humidifier and check for any blockages or damage. Replacing the air filter depends on the dust and dirt on it. if you find it usable, get started to clean it. make a mixture of warm water and mild detergent. Let it soak for a few minutes and rinse it with water. let it dry before placing it back.

5. Vacuum:

To ensure that you have cleaned all the parts of your dehumidifier completely, you should vacuum it. take a vacuum accessory and remove any remaining debris that you found. You could vacuum the air filter for loosing off the dirt before washing.

6. Cleaning your bucket filter:

Not all the dehumidifiers come with a bucket filter. This could trap all stray impurities in the dehumidifier. This part is smaller than the air filter and the size is like a thimble. Typically, you may find it inside the reservoir and you should check your manual first if there is any bucket filter or not. If it is present, remove it carefully and rinse it with warm water. dry it completely and place it in the reservoir back.

To give your dehumidifier a long life and get the good result out of it, you should clean it regularly. It may take just about half an hour to clean it. Thus, make the right use of your time to clean your dehumidifier! 


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