How to Clean a Touch Screen Laptop? Best Guide

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This is the complete guide on how to clean a touch screen laptop in a perfect way.

Laptops have completely changed our lives over the past few years. The trouble with computers is that we can’t take them with us when we go on vacation. However, we can carry our laptops with us wherever we go by simply putting them in the bag.

Touch screen laptops, on the other hand, are the most advanced type of general laptops. The best feature of this laptop is that it can be used without a mouse. You can use them by simply tapping on the screen, just like your smartphone. But, if it’s a phone or a laptop, we all know that if we use them often and touch the screen, we get fingerprints and spots on them.

As a consequence, it is important to clean your screen on a regular basis. If you do not clean and care for your laptop’s touch screen on a continuous basis, it will generate issues, and fixing the touch screen laptop will be expensive.

To save money and a laptop, clean the screen on a daily basis and keep it free of dirt, dust, fingerprints, smudges, and oil. So, I’ll show you how to clean your touch screen laptop by just spending 10-15 minutes.

Use Fibre Cloth to Clean Dust

You may already have such a piece of cloth for your digital devices may be a camera, phone, etc. These pieces of Fibre clothes are also great to clean a touch screen laptop.

Why fibre cloth is perfect for cleaning because it is very soft and also doesn’t leave any dirt or lint behind. You won’t have to worry about the scratches on the screen even though you use it a little roughly.

On the other hand, the use of cotton or other cloth may give the dirt and stains in the final result rather than cleaning. Before starting cleaning the laptop screen, make sure your laptop is powered off. There are two reasons for that, the first one is the safety and second thing is that you can see clear spots or dirt on the black display. As a result, cleaning your screen is easy.

After that, start cleaning the screen by just moving the fibre from one side in a straight line rather than moving it around in all directions. Because If you move it everywhere on the screen, it will leave dust or scratches on the laptop screen.

Use Solutions for Oily and Sticky Screen

Oily and slippery smudges are sometimes a real annoyance because they are difficult to eliminate, but often neither a fibre cloth nor a muddy sponge will come in handy in this scenario.

The perfect thing is to use eyeglass cleaning solutions like Klear Glass Cleaner. This is the best solution because it is non-toxic without ammonia or alcohol in it. A fibre cloth is also included for cleaning to ensure that your laptop screen looks as good as it was when you first purchased it. You can indeed make your own cleaning kit if you don’t really want to invest some money.

Make Your Solution:

You need distilled water and White Vinegar or high-percentage isopropyl alcohol to make a cleaning solution.

Simply combine equal amounts of distilled water and white vinegar or high-percentage isopropyl alcohol. White vinegar is one of the finest cleaning products, and it works well on your desktop or tablet, as well as removing sticker marks from the laptop body. The solution is ready, now is the time to clean the screen.

As always, the first recommended step is to turn off your laptop and you can also remove the battery. Spray the solution on fibre cloth pieces and apply the cloth to the screen by smoothly moving it in a single direction.

Spray and clean continuously until the moistness or oil stains are gone, also making sure to brush away any drips until they hit the keyboard. Just use the laptop after the monitor has dried completely, which should take no longer than 10-15 minutes based on the quantity of solution applied.

A Sponge is Fine for Dust and Rough

Although dust will be the most frequent problem, there’ll be days when stains will take over your laptop screen. If this occurs, a microfiber cloth will not make sense because it will only become filthy, requiring you to discard it. So, instead of sacrificing your fibre cloth, what else would you do? Well, the answer is to use a sponge in this case.

However, make sure the sponge isn’t old. Also, tap water can leave mineral stains on the display, make cleaning much more difficult, so avoid using this. I suggest only using purified or Deionized water, but if that isn’t possible, filtered water may be the next right approach.

Switch off the laptop and make sure it isn’t connected to the power supply, also remove the battery for safety as you are going to use a damp sponge. To stop sweating on the keyboard, dip a portion of the sponge into the water and wring it out thoroughly. Wipe the stinkiest part of the screen with a soft cloth, and if any drips appear, wipe them away with a dry cloth as soon as possible before they reach internal parts.

After cleaning, dry the screen with a piece of fibre cloth but don’t turn on the laptop straight away.

Some FAQs

What is the easiest way to clean a laptop screen?

Windex sprayed on your microfiber fabric can get the work done in no time. But bear in mind that you should never apply the spray directly to your laptop’s display. If you don’t have a fibre cloth or a brand-new sponge, a smooth coat brush will be enough.

Can I use alcohol wipes to clean my laptop screen?

Spraying alcohol or any substance directly on your monitor or laptop screen is really not a fine decision. Apply a small amount of 70% + Isopropyl Alcohol or a 70% + alcohol cleaning wipe to a clean microfiber cloth. Wash down the entire screen, paying close attention to the edges.

How do I clean my laptop screen without damaging it?

Dip your lint-free cloth in the soapy mixture, wring out, and scrub down the surfaces with a few drops of Dawn (or another, inferior dish soap) and a few cups of hot water. Wipe down the cloth again after washing it with clean water. Finally, clean the surface with a dry cloth a third time to prevent water streaks.


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