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How to choose the right backpack

On your first day of school, you bought your first backpack. It’s awesome! The designs on it are quite funny, and it also has enough space for all your books. You can’t wait to show it off to all your friends at school!

The next day, after carrying that awesome backpack around with you everywhere you go during the day, you come home to see that awesome awesome awesome awesome backpack feeling like 30 lbs heavier than when you first put it on this morning.  You realize…it doesn’t have any support whatsoever for the weight of all those books inside…and now your back hurts because of it. <sad trombone>

What summer…You thought you were being so clever, choosing the backpack with the coolest design. But little did you know…

Here are some tips on how to choose a backpack that’s right for you!

How much weight will your pack have to carry?

The better backpacks have padded shoulder straps and hip belts. These packs distribute the load evenly across your upper body, rather than just around your shoulders. This makes doing things like running or jumping much more comfortable when wearing these packs. Unfortunately, not every school allows kids to wear backpacks that have these features (they believe it is cheating or something). So if you are in elementary school…don’t be surprised if you get yelled at by teachers when they catch wind of this article.      Also try to check if the backpack has a waist belt, which can help with heavy loads.

Another thing to consider is the size of the pack. If you are only carrying around 1-2 notebooks and some pencils…then it doesn’t really matter which backpack you get! But if you want something that will comfortably fit your textbooks, stationary, lunchbox (and more!) then you should go for backpacks that are at least 20 liters in capacity or higher. Those extra pockets will come in real handy too (trust me on this one).

How much do you like fashion?

If fashion takes precedence over comfort when it comes down to choosing what kind of bag to carry around on your everyday basis…well the first thing I’d like to say is this:

“What a terrible way to spend your life.”

But since you asked…here goes:

When it comes to backpacks, fashion-wise…there are two kinds of backpack designs. One has a classic rucksack shape, and the other kind looks like a suitcase or duffel bag. If you ask me, the old-fashioned ones look better because they have that vintage feel to them. But which one you choose totally depends on what YOU think will look cooler!

Do you want something fashionable? Go for one with lots of pockets and straps hanging off it so it can look more cool. Or do you prefer utility over aesthetics? Then go for something simple but functional.  Make sure the straps are padded and the zippers are tough.

How much do you like your back?

After all, this is why you’re buying a backpack in the first place. So it’s really important to know how much support your pack provides…so that you don’t get any of those annoying aches or pains!

A good way of telling if a backpack has proper back support is by looking at the area where it touches your back when being worn. If there is no padding there, then it may be uncomfortable…or even painful to carry around with. It also helps if the shoulder straps are well-padded too so that they won’t cut into your skin while wearing them either.

features would you need for school?

Are you someone who goes to school every day? Or do you only attend classes on the weekends?

If it’s a daily occurrence…then hey, I’m totally impressed! You’re dedicated and we need more people like that in this world. *high fives* For those of you who don’t know what a backpack with wheels is:  I’ve never seen or used one myself (nor do I ever want to), but they seem like pretty good backpacks.  They look almost like those luggage bags except without those handles sticking out from it. All your stuff can fit inside them real nice…and when it gets too heavy, just pull out those little plastic wheels and go for a roll instead of carrying the weight on your shoulders!

For those of you who’d rather carry their stuff around in a more traditional way:  You don’t need to get the most expensive backpack out there. Just make sure that it is light, has lots of pockets, is waterproof (since you are going to be carrying around all that paper and pencils), and has good strong zips .

Of course, backpacks aren’t just for kids or young teens. You can use them at any age…from preschoolers up till the elderly! My friend’s grandma spends most of her time gardening…and she even uses a nice big backpack with wheels !

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