How to Choose the Best Firearm for Sport Shooting

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Sport shooting is one of the sporting events of the Olympics, but in recent years it has developed into a popular recreational activity as well.

Many young men and women have developed a passion for improving their accuracy and testing their sports shooting skills. The three factors that play a key role in determining an individual’s marksmanship are accuracy, speed, and precision.

Due to the noise and impact or recoil of the projectiles, the sport shooting events and practice sessions are held in properly enclosed shooting ranges that are mostly located away from busy neighborhoods.

What are some of the Best Firearms for Sports Shooting?

The most important thing for a young beginner is to select an appropriate firearm for practice purposes on the shooting range. The best firearm for sport shooting consists of a range of different guns, which includes pistols, rifles, handguns, shotguns, and air guns.

Before you start, you need to have a proper bag to keep your gear and accessories. Some of the things you need to keep in the bag are your firearm for sports shooting and its ammo, shooting glasses, and holster. Most shooting sports events comprise competitions among individuals using pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

An individual will be required to use different guns and shoot at different targets placed at varying distances.

A handgun, from the name, suggests it is a small firearm that is easy to hold, aim, and position. A handgun fires a single bullet or projectile, and additional bullets are available in the magazine with a revolving mechanism. On the other hand, Rifles are known for having long barrels, and a person has to use both hands when using them.

Sport shooting activities are divided into different segments such as shooting distances, degree of accuracy, and time limits. The sport shooting events may be competition between single individuals or groups of teams. The team scores are calculated by adding the scores of individual members of the team.

The best firearm for sport shooting, according to competition expert, includes

  • Polymer pistol Smith & Wesson 9mm, which is a striker-fired pistol
  • Carry optics, which is a production gun on which you can put a red dot optics. You have to focus on the dot
  • Standard 1911 Iron sighted pistol, which you can use with a classic single stack. It features a fiber-optic sight. It holds 7 to 8 rounds
  • Glock 34 with match grade barrel


Apart from the best firearm, it would be best if you had a timer to know how well you are progressing as there is tough competition in sports shooting events. The timer will let you know your splits between shots and you reload time.


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