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Your body is beautiful, and it should be treated in the right way. Women should know her body type to ensure what she is wearing and will suit her to enhance her beauty. Boobs are an important part and should be dealt with care. The right size bra will support your chest.

If you are unaware of the facts related to lingerie in Pakistan that’s fine we have your back! We will tell you what will suit you no matter what shape or size you are because you are totally worth it.

What is Lingerie?

Lingerie is a piece of garment unlike any other garment to support your body shape and to make it look prettier and better. There are different types of lingerie with different materials but have one purpose to serve & that is comfort.

They are different colors, designs, fabric, and sizes to make you look even more beautiful when it comes to women. To buy lingerie in Pakistan could be a hassle for the majority of ladies because over here there are not good manufacturers of it and either in our society, it is still considered taboo and women feel ashamed while buying because they are not aware of what size and type of lingerie will suit their body.

A lot of people are confused and are lost. What kind of lingerie will suit them? But wait! Don’t be confused, we have the guide to your problems, which will help you to understand the basics of lingerie wear.

What kind of lingerie will be best for you?

Floraison Intimates

We have different bodies and sizes, it is how we perceive i.e. all are different and unique in our own perspectives and forms. Following are the types of body and their details.

  • Lingerie For-Rectangle Body Shape

If a woman has a rectangular body, which means your shoulders and hips are of the same size, for that you need something curvy for your waist, so the best option will be a teddy. To enhance your boobs, a push up bra can add oomph to your look. Try out the new looks with the variety of push up bras and teddy in different colors to see that you actually look more beautiful!

  • Lingerie For-Triangle or Pear Shape

In this type hips are wider than the shoulders, to make it balanced and proportionate a lacy bralette is a great option. Underwire little padded bra set option is also recommended. Apart from it a bandeau bra also balances the shoulders & hips. Try the new bralettes from “Floraison Intimate” in New Arrivals and give a chance to your shape to flaunt itself.

  • Lingerie For-Inverted Triangle or Apple Shape

This body type is defined by broad shoulders, teddy is the best attention to look flawless, and apart from it a beautiful bralette with a matching panty or a thong will give you sexy appeal. Another garment that can look perfect is matching cami sets because it gives a sleek look.

  • Lingerie For-Hourglass Body Shape

It’s a perfect shaped body with (36-24-36), you can wear any lingerie brands in Pakistan because it will fit accordingly as anything sits on this type of body as shoulders and hip width is same and waist is in a slender form. Teddies, lacy bra sets , padded & non-padded you name it and you get with the soft and breathable fabric with unique designs and colors available online.

  • Lingerie For-Round Body Shape

In round body shape , women have rounded waist and the torso with upper body are much broader and wider than hips, that is why it is known as round body shape. Round shape means you need something to make your body in shape and proportionate. A babydoll or you can say negligee can hide the chunk and the bulge from your waist and stomach and enhance your bust line. Satin lingerie gowns, teddies are also pretty choices which give you coverage.

Lingerie-Different Types 

  1. Teddy 

Teddy Floraison Intimates

  1. Push up Bra

push up bra floraison intimates

  1. Bralette Set

barette set floraison intimates

  1. Underwire Slight Padded Bra Set

underwire slight padded bra set

  1. Cami Shorts

cami shorts floraison intimates

  1. Lacy Bra Sets

lacy bra set floraison intimates

  1. Satin Sleepwear

satin sleepwear floraison intimates

  1. Negligee/Baby Doll

negligee baby doll floraison


Don’t Worry! We have all, it is just one click away from you. Go grab your favorite pieces according to your body type online. You can use the size guide, everything is explained in detail about the product.



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