How to Check My Bajaj EMI Card Limit?

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The e-commerce boom shaped the Indian retail market drastically. Although buyers’ intent changed over time, they still look for convenient, safe, and low-cost instruments while shopping, making payments, etc. 

EMI card is one such instrument that allows individuals to convert their big-ticket purchases into instalments when they shop from networked merchants. However, such cards come with a spending limit, and cardholders need to know before applying for the same. 

For instance, individuals need to follow a few basic steps for the Bajaj EMI card limit check. 

Process to Check Bajaj EMI Card Limit

One of the fastest ways to check Bajaj EMI card limit is through customer portal – Experia. This user-friendly portal allows individuals to check the limit within seconds. 

Following are the steps for Bajaj EMI card limit check online: 

  1. Go to the customer portal
  2. Input customer ID or email ID, or mobile number
  3. Login using OTP sent to the registered mobile number
  4. Select “Services” from main menu
  5. Go to “My Relations” and click on “EMI Card Details”

You can see your EMI Network Card limit on the screen. However, this limit depends on various factors. Hence, if you want to increase Bajaj Card limit, you should know about them and act accordingly. 

    • CIBIL score: You should check your CIBIL score before requesting for increasing card limit. However, a score of 750 and above is ideal to apply for an EMI card online. Hence, to qualify for the maximum card limit, you need to maintain a high score throughout. 
  • Monthly income: Cardholder’s monthly income also plays a crucial role in the Bajaj EMI card limit. For instance, individuals with a steady, fixed income are deemed eligible for a higher card limit. 
  • Repayment capacity: NBFCs also consider the repayment history and capacity of the cardholders. Hence, besides Bajaj EMI card limit check, individuals should also check the FOIR and try to keep it below 40%. It helps them qualify for a higher card limit. 

Note that an increased card limit means higher spending capacity. However, you should spend only what you can repay comfortably. Otherwise, you can falter on timely EMI payment, affecting the CIBIL score. 

Once your request for increasing the card limit is approved, you can check it through the Experia portal. Alternatively, you can also download Experia App for better convenience. 

Besides the Bajaj EMI card limit check, this customer portal also offers a host of services that individuals need to know. 

Services Offered by Bajaj Customer Portal – Experia 

 Following are some of the services of Experia that benefit you:

  • Pre-approved offer

Bajaj Finserv provides pre-approved offers to its existing customers. Such offers facilitate and hasten loan processing. These are also available on various financial products like business loans, personal loans and many more. You can check your pre-approved offer online through this online portal. 

  • Online payment options 

This portal or app allows individuals to make online payments for overdue EMI, part-prepayment, loan foreclosure, etc. You can also check the payment status and download the e-statements besides paying online. 

  • Checking loan details 

You can access old and active loans details online through this platform. You can check the repaid amount, outstanding balance etc., of active loans. It also lets you download the documents related to your old loans, investments, etc. 

  • Setting notifications 

Individuals can opt for notification facilities for vital services or products. For instance, you can subscribe for EMI due date notification, insurance plan renewal alerts, etc., through this online portal or application. 

  • Raise requests 

Experia also enables Bajaj Finserv customers to raise a request or complaint online. As a result, it expedites the problem resolution process. 

Irrespective of the chosen service, individuals need to have a customer ID, other details and a registered mobile number to log in to Experia. 

Hence, following the simple steps, individuals can complete their Bajaj EMI card limit check seamlessly through Experia. Besides, they should also keep the pointers above in mind to increase the card limit as and when required.


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