How To Care For A Newly Replaced Windshield?

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If you’ve recently gotten your windshield replaced due to a crack, chip or other type of damage, chances are you want to try and take care of it as best you can so you won’t need to get another replacement for a while! There is some simple maintenance you can perform on your own that will help you extend the life of your glass.

Having the knowledge on how to take care of a newly replaced windshield is the first step you can take towards maintaining your investment. You can keep your windshield in good condition for as long as possible by following some easy steps after it gets installed.

Right after the installation

The first couple hours immediately after the windshield gets replaced are some of the most critical. In the first 48 hours your new windshield will be the most vulnerable. Protect your new windshield by following these tips.

Wait a little while to drive your vehicle

Other than the drive home from the auto shop, wait to take your car out for that long drive. During a windshield replacement, the technicians will use a special adhesive that holds the glass in place, creating a strong, waterproof seal around the perimeter. It is important that you give the adhesive enough time to set and dry. To make sure you get the best results, we recommend that you wait to drive your car for at least one hour after installation. Your technicians who install the windshield will also remind you of this recommendation after the work has been finished.

Once you enter your car for the first time, it’s important that you are careful and look around for shards of glass that could be leftover from your old windshield. Your technicians will try to make sure that every single little glass piece is cleaned out before returning your vehicle, but you can never be too careful!

Be gentle and take it easy on the doors

The following 24 hours after your windshield replacement are some of the most crucial hours. It’s important that you treat your car gently. This means you shouldn’t slam the doors or drive it through any rougher terrain, especially while the windows are shut. Slamming your doors can result in your windshield rupturing its seal. If you do end up getting a puncture in the seal, then you should call an experienced technician and get it repaired right away.

Don’t wash your car

During this time you should also stay away from the car wash. Technicians apply a special adhesive which takes anywhere from 1 to 24 hours to dry out, but it will also depend on exactly what type of adhesive it is and the weather conditions. So, stay away from washing your car for at least 24 hours.

Keep the retention tape on

The retention tape will help keep the glass in place while the adhesive cures. And sure, it can be pretty unsightly, but you should keep it in your car for the next 24 to 48 hours.

Leave a window open a crack

Any air pressure can put added stress onto the seal around your car’s windshield glass as it dries. To reduce air pressure from building and causing leaks, you can leave a window open a crack or at least an inch. It is best to keep it open for the first day after its installation.

Keep your car clean inside and out

While your windshield seal dries, you do not want to let anything adhere to it or push against it. For the first 24 hours after installation, do not place any types of cover on the outside of your vehicle. You need to try and avoid using a sunshade on the inside of the windshield as well and keep your dashboard dust free and clean of any clutter.

Check your windshield wipers for rusty blades

Having rust on your windshield wiper blades affects the rubber on your wipers. Having broken wiper blades are the main culprit for getting scratches on your windshield which will result in a blurry view. You should have them repaired or replaced along with your windshield, or even before you get a new windshield installed.

Try and avoid the blistering sun

The heat emitted from sunlight can also be harmful for your windshield. It can make the windshield weak over time, and affect its lifespan. Try to avoid the hot sun as much as possible and park in the shade whenever possible.

Change your route

If you are getting your windshield replaced due to being the victim of vandalism, or because you often drive over poorly constructed, rough roads, then we always recommend that you change your daily route. Pick different roads to ride on and different areas to park in will help you keep your car and its windshield safe.

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English – Building block for a child’s Future