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Are you a soccer/football player looking to significantly improve your performance during your weekend soccer matches? Did you know that in reality everything is 80% played during the week, during your training and that matches only represent 20% of your success? Explanations in 10 key points. 


How to become a better soccer player at your level?


You don’t have to have all the things the pros have to improve their performance. Getting better every day depends on your persistence and commitment to doing it.

Establishing a real daily routine, with good habits represents 80% of your time, the remaining 20% is played during the match. It’s up to you to keep confidence in your faculties and your training so as not to be destabilized by your opponents.

Whatever your condition or your resources, the result of your performance on the weekend will be equal to the effort you put into it during the week.

There is no miracle recipe in this article, only lasting solutions: it is by putting in place a series of steps and habits to follow that you will considerably increase your performance during matches. Here are our soccer tips.


1. Show discipline


To be successful, you have to be disciplined. There is always a debate in football that discipline is more important than talent or that talent is more important than discipline. To play football, you have to have both. But, if you are low on talent but much more disciplined than other players more talented than you, you will end up being a better player.

Unruly teams aren’t going anywhere. There’s no point wanting to play better on the weekends if you’re not ready to put in the effort. Go to all of your soccer workouts on time, and train as you are told, and you will see better results.

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2. Stay motivated: know “why” you are doing it


As in everything you need to know why are you doing this? Why do you train hard every day? It’s not enough to say you want to play better on the weekends, you also have to want something that goes even further. What do you want to become in the future as a football player?

Visualizing his why is something that will keep you motivated. Most of the time when people lose their motivation to do something, it’s because they forgot why they started. If you want to play better on the weekends, this is something you have to do from the start.


3. Get organized and be rigorous in your training


Plan your week in advance:

  •     What days and at what times do I have football training?
  •     What else do I do besides playing football?
  •     Will my schedule be for each day?
  •     Can I do to better organize my time and arrive in the best possible conditions for training?
  •     Am I taking the time to eat and rest properly?

In the days when you don’t have the training, what can you do in your spare time to become a better player? Visualize the tasks you are going to accomplish each day.


5. Eat well: create good habits before and after training


Today, for top athletes, good nutrition is not an advantage, but a necessity. If not handled properly, it can put you at a significant disadvantage compared to other players who deal with it.

Most of the time when we think of healthy eating, we think of boring vegetables, salads, etc. That’s not the case at all, you can take a big step forward by simply avoiding three things from now on: fast-food restaurants, soda (drink water instead), and bad sugar.

It is important to eat properly before a training session or a game to play better, you need to provide your body with the necessary energy.

Eat a good, balanced meal two hours before the game or practice.


6. Drink water, stay hydrated during training


This is an extremely important part: staying well hydrated in and out of training. If you make sure you are well hydrated during soccer training, you will train better, and training better means performing better. Take care of your body, it will give it back to you. 


7. Good sleep to rest properly and recover


The first activity that complements physical exercise is sleep. Studies have shown that the number of hours of sleep has a significant impact on athletic performance. By getting the right amount of rest you need, your reaction time, speed, and accuracy increase dramatically compared to those who don’t get enough sleep.

Obesity is directly linked to lack of rest. Literally, your body loses fat while sleeping. Plus, lack of rest directly affects hormones in your body. Not sleeping properly creates a hormonal imbalance in the body which directly affects muscle growth and fat reduction. Finally, lack of sleep can also lead you to depression, lack of productivity and concentration.


8. Crosstraining, strength training with heavy weights


Weight lifting is an activity that must be regulated. Try to go to the weight room only twice a week for strength training and maybe once a week for regular exercise.

Either way, the harder the work you do in the weight room, the further away it needs to be from the play day.

If you play on the weekends, the best thing you can do is probably do some weight training on Monday and Wednesday. This will give your muscles enough time to recover from these heavy exercises.

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You can train at home with weight training equipment suitable for your football training.


9. Take care of your body: offer it appropriate care


If you’re going to be playing with post-workout muscle pain, you probably won’t be performing at the level you want.

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10. Increase your endurance


In training, it’s not all about having a good time relaxing kicking the ball, and playing with it. You have to train your endurance and feel tired. If you aren’t working on your endurance, then on the weekends don’t ask yourself why you feel so tired.

What makes a football player a good player is not that he can make a single good game, it is that he can maintain consistent performance during the 90 minutes. Stamina is one of the most important aspects of the game.

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