How Sustainable the Material Used in the Manufacturing of Eco-Friendly Boxes?

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The frequently observed changes in the environment we breathe in have shown some poor levels of air quality and the destruction of the natural habitat. The frequency of change is so fast that mankind is not able to catch up with the pace and has suffered a lot from this. Now is the time to stop and wonder what went wrong and to take a step towards a sustainable environment. One way is to incorporate eco-friendly boxes into our daily lives. They are highly organic and protect the vulnerability of the environment. The approach to utilize these boxes has promoted some positive changes. 

Reusable Kraft box 

Kraft is a popular packaging material that has made its place in the industry due to its specification and the properties it offers to the user. It holds immense strength in it and further applies processes to make sure that the material gets enough sturdiness along with elasticity. The pulping process makes sure that all of the impurities and bacteria from the material are removed. The fibers in the material promote strength and make them best to use for multiple products. The easy customization of the boxes enables us to have boxes of varying sizes and dimensions, which makes them perfect to use for various products. The recyclability of Kraft paper is well known. They are coated with layers that keep the inside products protected from the outside external damaging factors. It is a light-weight and inexpensive packaging that also reduces the shipping cost. The reusability is a convincing factor to add Kraft to the list of environment-friendly materials. 

  • They are printable and are designed according to the choice and convince of the customer. 
  • Due to their designing capabilities, many companies are using them for their promotion and awareness. 
  • The process of manufacturing ensures that the final product is sturdy enough that it can have the potential to bear a certain weight. 

E-flute corrugated paper 

The use of E-flute corrugated paper in the eco friendly boxes has provided the retailers the easiest solution for the packaging of a variety of items ranging from cosmetics to ceramics. Their structure comprises one sheet of corrugated fluted cardboard paper with one or two flat liner boards. They have a massive use in the shipping of the products as they provide them protection from all of the external damaging factors. They have an excellent resistance quality and so can retain a pressure of a certain degree. The exceptional printing properties of these boxes enable them to be used for various other purposes. The designing techniques make sure that the products get massive exposure, and this property helps in increasing sales. The old paper is recycled in various plants to produce a paper slurry, which is then further utilized to make a new paper. The assessment of the boxes gives them a superior certificate. 

  • The edge crush test or bursting test gives an idea about the compression value and durability of the box. 
  • The recyclability of the boxes gives a hint of responsible behavior. It doesn’t pose any threats to the environment’s sustainability. 
  • Usually, then boxes are capable of reusability, but, if not reused, they have a decomposition time of fewer than two months, which makes them a less threat to the environment. 

Bux board 

While the name may sound new to many, the Bux Board material has been used frequently in the past for a variety of products. The retailers who are more cautious of the packaging and its effects prefer using this material, as it offers them a variety of benefits. They are made from a corrugated paper stock that is modified according to usage. They have a use in multiple fields, and they efficiently serve their purpose. They are immeasurable in strength and is best for the packaging of heavy-weight items. The ridges made in these boxes give them a tensile strength and add to their elasticity. The liner and the medium are the two elements of the cases which give them the desired shape and required durability. The medium is usually the inside of the box, whereas; the liner is on the outside. Both of these sheets contribute to the sturdiness of the package and makes it perfect to use for shipping purposes. 

  • With different types of material available for manufacturing, one can make the selection of their choice that bests suits them. 
  • They are used to make pizza boxes, enclosing different confectionery items, cereal boxes, cosmetics, etc. 
  • Their corrugation with two sheets makes them excellent for storage purposes, and their enclosed design makes sure that the encased item is safe from dust or any other damaging factor that may affect the functionality of the products. 


Cardstock is the material that provides the required thickness and has a considerable amount of durability to offer. They are used to make business cards, invitations, postcards, as they have more reliability than the other available printed papers. Their design and lamination options make them perfect to use for all of the mentioned purposes. While its functionality increases with various coatings as it gets more visibility, but their sustainability is not compromised. Their thickness varies for multiple products, and a retailer can get it adjusted according to the product demands. Other than that, the cardstock material is also great to use for the packaging of multiple products. The customization of the boxes provides a diverse range of options. The easy printing of these boxes is another valuable option that gives quality exposure to the products. The decomposition of the cardstock depends on a variety of factors, but all of it happens in a relatively shorter time. 

  • The surrounding environment, the thickness of the material, the original shape of the box all play a significant role in the decomposition process.
  • The reusability of the boxes increases its usability on all levels.
  • Their exceptional visibility gets the maximum enhancement due to the design of the box.

The eco friendly boxes are the requirement of the current condition of the world. They are now necessary to minimize the greenhouse effect. Even though the packaging industry has introduced new ways, but people are not familiar with the concept of sustainability. They don’t know how to recycle or reuse the box for increased usability. Hence fundamental education is necessary to promote a positive and healthy environment for everyone.


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