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The advancement of businesses is part and parcel of the progress of a society. The businesses flourish and establish on the basis of the productivity of their workforce and employees. The ‘employees’ are considered the most vital entity of a business.

Productivity issues

A productive workforce means progressive business and vice versa. Employers have grown concerns over the productivity of their employees in the last few years. A number of employees indulge in unproductive activities at the workplace that affect business performance. The activities include music and video streaming, connecting with friends and family during working hours, and much more.

Ideally, the employees should adhere to the prescribed work ethics and perform the assigned tasks, but unfortunately, this does not get into practice in many cases. Many of these activities are performed over android smartphones, as a large number of smartphone users have Android devices around the globe.

Cyber threats

There is another side to the story as well; the security of the business gets at stake when the employees carelessly use business devices over different insecure platforms and websites. The websites and platforms most commonly provide e-Commerce services, a few of the e-commerce platforms do not furnish a secure environment for financial and other transaction, once the employee uses the platform, the confidential information of the business and device, residing on the phone, get into the hands of criminals, which proves to be deadly for the business.

These platforms are more prone to have the presence of cybercriminals and are vulnerable to cyber threats, and in turn, pose serious threats to business survival and continuity.

Statistics about cyber threats

Let’s furnish a few revealing statistics related to cyber threats to businesses. It is reported that 4.1 billion records containing user information were stolen In 2019 from the databases of different companies; the data then used for identifying user trends, setting user trends, and advanced selling of products and services, which is unethical in many ways.

Another stat suggests that more than 94% of the spams and cyberattacks initiated by sending an email, so the employees need to be careful while sending and receiving emails.

The climax of the story is yet to come, adding insult to injury, the researcher furnished that on average, the time is taken to identify that security breach and cyber-attack was 206, which means that the company does not get to know about the respective breach even after more than 6 months. So, this can be too much costly for the business to survive in these competitive times.

So, the only solution that comes to mind after knowing these facts and statistics is to extensively monitor all the activities of the employees in an efficient manner. By doing so, the employer will be aware of all the happenings over the target business device.

Solution – Spy app for android – TheOneSpy

The said goal of employee monitoring can only be achieved by using a spy app for android, and the best in this business is TheOneSpy that can track each and everything performing on the target device. TheOneSpy clones all the activities of the target employee to the employer’s phone so that if an employee accesses any insecure platform, the employer can restrict the access and can take necessary action.

Moreover, the issues of productivity can also be coped with by using the spy app for android. The employer can allocate productive and unproductive activities for the employee, and the app generates a log of all the productive and unproductive activities along with the time period and proportion they consume.

TheOneSpy furnishes a bunch of other tracking features that are of vital significance when it comes to employee monitoring. A few of them are as follows

  • Location tracking
  • Geo-fencing the employee movement
  • Internal storage tracking and monitoring
  • Spying on social media apps
  • Real-time screen recording
  • Surround recording by bugging mic or front or back camera
  • Website blocking and filtering
  • Using a keylogger to identify password
  • Phone call recording and listening

To get a deeper understanding of all these features, please visit


The cyber threats and productivity issues of the businesses are discussed; the best solution to cope with these issues is to use a spy app for android devices. The best android spying service is provided by TheOneSpy.


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