How Landscape Design companies in Dubai Work

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The Landscape Architect, or Architect of the Green, is a professional who takes a very important position in contemporary society, who increasingly opposes eco-monsters and building abuses with growing attention to ecology, care, and planning of open spaces. Choose Landscape design companies in Dubai wisely.

We remind you that architecture, as a professional field, foresees multiple fields of application and action (landscape architecture, interior architecture, urban architecture, etc.).

So let’s understand together who the Landscape Architect is and what he does.

What is a landscape architecture and what are the professional goals of a landscape architect?

Landscape architecture is a branch of architecture that concerns the design of open spaces, for example, parks, gardens, municipal green areas, monuments.

A Landscape Architect has the task of enhancing and protecting open spaces, reorganizing and modifying them in relation to the characteristics of the landscape, as well as the needs of those who live there.

What are the duties of the Landscape Architect?

The Architect of the Green must first analyze the customer’s requests, whether it is a private or a public body.

Subsequently, he proceeds with the in-depth study of the space on which he will have to intervene, carrying out, in parallel with the examination of the territorial characteristics, an analysis of the materials and technological systems most suitable for the intervention.

Once the preliminary study phase has been completed, the Landscape Architect proceeds with the conception and design of the project, the creation of rendering using special software and models or models.

What are the characteristics and skills that a Landscape Architect must-have?

The Architect of the Green must necessarily possess knowledge concerning the history and evolution of landscape architecture, as well as have notions of art history and aesthetics.

It is also of fundamental importance that you have an in-depth knowledge of the legislation relating to your subject and that you master the technical and architectural design software used for carrying out the profession (CAD, AutoCAD, CAD 3D, etc.).

Finally, it is very important that a Green Architect has a good knowledge of the English language, especially the technical terms used in the trade.

How do you become a landscape architect?

To become a Landscape Architect it is necessary to follow a very specific training process: it is in fact essential to obtain a degree in architecture (five years or 3 + 2).

Within the degree course, the choice of the right branch of specialization will also be of fundamental importance (the wording changes according to the university, but the essence is always the same):

  • Landscape architecture
  • Ecology and landscape planning
  • Design and planning of green areas and landscape
  • Planning and management of agro-territorial, forest, and landscape ecosystems
  • Planning, design, and management of the territory and the environment
  • Design and management of green areas

After graduation, it is necessary to take the state exam, which allows you to enroll in the Order of Architects and recognizes your eligibility to carry out the profession.

Where does a landscape architect work?

The Architect of the Green can choose whether to work as a freelancer or as an employee, in companies or private architectural firms.

Sometimes it can collaborate or offer advice to municipal administrations, designing municipal green plans, environmental impact studies, recovery interventions, etc.


What are the professional growth prospects for a Landscape Architect?

Like all professionals in the technical field, the best and most desirable growth prospect for a Landscape Architect consists in moving from a position as an employee to opening a business or a studio on their own, with a consequent increase in responsibility and earnings.


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