How Is Camper Insurance Different From Other Insurance Policies?

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Many people in Ohio use camper trailers for various reasons. While some use camper trailers for economical traveling, some others use them for camping. Sometimes a camper trailer serves a bigger purpose when people use it as a full-time residence. The state of Ohio doesn’t make it mandatory for trailer owners to have camper insurance, but many different situations might make it almost necessary. Considering many of the mishaps that happen while traveling or camping, and even while you are using your camper as a full-time residence, having camper insurance in Ohio is one of the wisest things you can do.

Camper Insurance, Ohio coverage:

Camper Insurance  Ohio and its coverages are similar to car insurance, but camper insurance comes with added protections specific to a camper. Ohio is one of the states requiring a driver to have liability insurance. Having a camper trailer covers all the lawsuits and liability claims, considering an accident is your fault. Here are the minimum coverage limits by Ohio:

$25,000/person in an accident – injury or death

$50,000/accident – injury or death

$25,000/accident – property damage

How to protect your camper?

It is common to use a camper as a vacation home or full-time residence in Ohio. In such cases, you might need to have additional coverage. Here’s what your camper insurance can cover:

Personal Belongings: Any personal belonging you have on your camper while you are camping or living temporarily.

Attached accessories or equipment: Any satellite dish or awning attached to your camper will be covered.

Campsite and vacation: This liability coverage is necessary when using the camper as a temporary residence at a campsite.

Emergency expenses: This will cover all your temporary living or travel expenses when your camper is disabled by any event that is covered by the Insurance.

Towing and roadside: This covers any roadside assistance you will require for your camper or towing facilities or services.

Protecting your camper when you use it as a full-time residence

When you are using your camper as a full-time residence, protecting it should be different from how you protect your home. In fact, having full-timer camper insurance is similar to homeowners insurance.

Here’s what is covered under a full-time camper insurance

Personal liability: This will cover any liability claims and/or legal expenses if anyone gets injured or has property damaged on the premises of your camper.

Medical expenses to others: This will cover the medical expense of any person that suffers an injury while being in your camper.

Loss assessment: Any assessment resulting from your participation as a tenant or property owner in an association will be covered under this.

Storage shed contents: This will cover your personal belongings for storage shed contents where the shed is owned or rented by the insured during loss.

What makes camper insurance different from most other insurance policies?

Camper Insurance in Ohio may be similar to both car insurance and, at times to homeowners insurance, but the same fact makes it unique from the rest. A camper insurance policy protects your vehicle like car insurance and protects your residence area like home insurance. While your camper is on the road, the Insurance will cover mishaps like accidents or roadside emergencies. And while you are using your camper for camping and residence, the Insurance will cover any theft, fire, or other disasters.

One of the most important coverage options you might want to consider is that the camper insurance is greater than standard car insurance because a camper is generally larger than a car.

Who requires camper insurance?

Camper trailers or RVs can have several classes, each requiring different insurance policies. Take a look at these classes of insurance policies required for different RVs:

Class A – RVs that are like large commercial buses

Class B – RVs that look like cans with tall ceilings

Class C – RVs that are large vehicles made from trucks or vans.

Are you looking to get a camper Insurance Wooster?

If you are looking for a Wooster Camper InsuranceOyer Insurance Agency provides insurance policy for recreational vehicles helping you safely enjoy the beautiful outdoor activities and seasons in Wooster. Oyer Insurance Agency is located in Wooster, Ohio, and operates as an independent insurance agency that represents multiple insurance companies.


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