How Godrej has dominated the refrigerator market in India

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Godrej refrigerators are consistently the first choice of most Indian customers. Here’s a look at the reasons behind Godrej’s domination in the Indian market. With more nuclear families sprouting in the country, and people’s incomes and standards of living getting better, the market for refrigerators now has a lot of scopes.

In this market, Godrej has played a pivotal role. With the brand’s high-quality offerings, coupled with some other factors, it has managed to stay at the very top of the Indian refrigerator market for years.

Reasons behind Godrej’s success

1. Innovative cooling techniques

Godrej refrigerators have always featured some of the best cooling technologies in the world of refrigerators. Even the most basic Godrej double door fridge has 360-degree cooling, to ensure that all parts of the fridge receive cool and fresh air uniformly.

Godrej innovated the patented Cool Shower Technology that consisted of shelves with in-built air vents that were placed directly above the food on the shelves. This ensured better cooling and as a consequence, kept the food fresher.


The Godrej NXW Aura, which is a bottom-mounted Godrej fridge, comes with the Air-Lock Technology that makes it immune to the frequent opening of the fridge. This ensures that the cooling inside the fridge isn’t compromised in any way. Most refrigerators also have Turbo Chill Mode that can make the cooling process a lot faster.

2. Innovative preservation technology

Godrej has been at the forefront of developing preservation technology, to ensure that the food in the fridge lasts longer. The Fresh Shield Crisper technology in models like the Godrej Eon Vesta 485 MDI 3.4 PL STL helps to retain moisture within the fruits and vegetables, to keep them as fresh as possible. They also use the Nutrifresh Inverter Compressor that ensures the preservation of food for up to 6 days.

Another frost-free refrigerator from Godrej, the RT Eon Astra 270P 2.4 PSM BLU has the Anti-B technology that is extremely effective in keeping microbes from growing in the food inside the fridge, thus keeping them fresh for 24 hours. This model also has intelligent automated defrosting technology that can use temperature sensors to defrost by themselves.

3. Spacious refrigerators

Godrej refrigerators are spacious. The Flexi Store Technology allows one to customize the shelf space in over 100 combinations, according to their requirements. These refrigerators also have jumbo vegetable trays, where you can store all your fresh greens. The bottle shelves can accommodate up to 2.25-liter bottles with ease.

4. Energy-efficient products

Most of the Godrej refrigerators come with a 3-star rating, which indicates that they are energy-efficient, and do not contribute significantly to your monthly electricity bills. Most refrigerators also run on home inverters, thus ensuring uninterrupted performance even in case of power cuts.

5. Price

Godrej has also kept its refrigerators comparatively affordable. The feature-rich refrigerators, coupled with their attractive price tags helped the company get the recognition it has today.

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