How does weight affect your sex life?

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Are you feeling low? Not in a good mood to have sex? Your weight might be the cause of your low mood. Being overweight does not only mean that you cannot fit in your clothes. But extra body fat may lead to multiple chronic diseases such as heart problems.

Moreover, it can even affect your sex life by affecting female sexual health. This article explains to you how being overweight can affect female sexual health and your sex life. It might motivate you to get back in shape.

Struggles to try new positions

Neither you nor I can deny that sex involves physical fitness to be fulfilling and satisfying for both partners. Your obesity can directly impact your physicality in a number of ways. It might affect the amount of pleasure you would feel because it would not be possible for you to try certain positions. It is said that sexuality is physical pursuance. Flexibility and physical fitness can help you to pursue your pleasures. It is not mandatory for everyone who is obese to exclude from having a gratifying sex life. But for most of them, sexual positions become challenging.

Climaxing becomes difficult

If you are obese or overweight, the extra fat in your body can cause the blood flow to the genitals to reduce by thinning the blood vessels. In order to reach an orgasm or climax, your genitals must receive sufficient blood flow. The narrowing of blood vessels affects your climax ability by changing the hormonal balance and resulting in difficult climaxing.


If you are trying to get pregnant but are unable to conceive, pay special attention to your weight. It may be the culprit. Being overweight can significantly reduce your chances of getting pregnant as it affects the levels of estrogen. Estrogen is essential to become pregnant. Your weight influences your fertility by influencing estrogen. It prevents regular ovulation in the female body. This way, it impacts female sexual health.

Imbalance in hormones

More fat in the body means that the levels of ‘Sex Hormone Binding Globulin’ or SHBG will increase. Too much SHBG can cause you to lose your sexual desire by binding too much testosterone with itself. Hence, there remains significantly little testosterone for stimulating sexual desire in women.

Similarly, weight can affect the levels of estrogen in your body. All these sex hormones must be at balanced levels in your body so that you can have a desirable sexual drive that is essential for reaching an orgasm.

Constant fear or pressure

If you are obese or overweight, you will most probably be uncomfortable about it at all times. You will continue to think about it ignoring the other essential aspects of your life that you may be confident about unconsciously. Worrying or constant thoughts of being overweight can blind you from focusing on important events such as sex life. It can significantly impact your performance in bed.

Inhibited sexual desire

Obesity and weight can affect your sexual desire. Studies and research have proven that being overweight can decrease the diameter of the blood vessels leading to the clitoris. The decrease in diameter causes blockages in the flow of blood. As a result, not enough blood flows to the clitoris, making it insensitive or unready for sex. This way, a woman’s sexual desire may get inhibited. the diameter of blood vessels that lead to

Low mood

Being overweight can affect your performance in the bedroom. This is very clear. You will not be confident about the way you look, which will draw all your attention towards it. Not being confident or sexy about yourself will cause your energy and motivation to reach 0. And this is going to directly affect the way you perform and indulge in your partner in bed.

Want your sex life to get back to normal?

It is a fact that being overweight can hamper female sexual health. It ultimately affects your sex drive and sexual performance in significant ways, but you need not worry as we are here to help you manage your weight to make changes to your sex life. Here are a few ways that can help you with getting your sex life back to normal:

● You must try to lose a bit of your weight that may help to stimulate sex hormones.

● You must eat foods that are rich in nutrients that are responsible for maintaining your cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

● You must make exercise a regular part of your life so that the blood flows to your pelvic area without blockage.

● You must feel confident about yourself the way you are. It will help you feel better and hence perform better in bed.

● You must embrace your sensuality.

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