How does the Dr Abdul Kalam Scholarship play an important role in a child’s development?

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Education is an essential part of everyone’s life as it not only increases the dignity of a human being but also multiplies self-respect. It is an endless journey, and it is paramount to make this journey creative and thoughtful so that it further proves to be a stepping stone for your career. 

All this was given even more importance after Dr APJ Abdul Kalam started working on the education sector for the nation’s growth and prosperity. As per him, the education system plan should be made in such a way that it creates a large number of employment generators, not employment seekers. 

He worked hard towards it and transformed the education world. Hence, to create a world that he dreamt of, Dr Abdul Kalam scholarship was introduced to accomplish his mission. 

Abdul Kalam Scholarship

In today’s world students have become tech-savvy and are well versed with the latest gadgets, applications and other digital tools at a very young age. Curiosity is increasing among students and they love knowing more and more about the technical things involved in making products and applications.

This scholarship recognizes such young talent in the field of digital space and motivates them to do more research and study. It will not only help students financially but also provide them a step further to fulfill their dreams.

How does the Dr Abdul Kalam Scholarship play an important role in a child’s development?

As per Dr APJ Kalam, “Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, and knowledge makes you great.”A good education model is essential to ensure students growth so that it also leads to the nation’s prosperity.

Dr Abdul Kalam scholarships have helped a lot of students studying at Global Indian International Schools in transforming their lives and making them self-reliant. Here are some of the significant changes it got in the development of children-


  • No Debt for Education- There are many students who come from a not so economically strong background and accessing education becomes very tough for them. For such students, scholarship helps in continuing studies and achieving their dreams. With the best part, you don’t have to repay it like a loan.
  • Boost Student’s profile- Another significant advantage is that it makes the profile of the student better as only a few out of thousand students win scholarships. If the interviewer sees that you got a scholarship in School time, then it becomes easy for you to get into a good college. Each College/University looks for a proven resource.
  • Mental & Financial support- APJ scholarship supports meritorious students financially; this helps the needy students to focus on their studies and not on working part time which also improves their performance. Finally, students can become whatever they aspire to.


Eligibility Criteria for APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship

There are numerous types of APJ Kalam scholarships and each one of them has their own eligibility criteria some are merit based, some need based, a few of them are given on the basis of written test while others are based on sports and music. However, the eligibility criteria for this scholarship is-

  • The student should be residing in UAE with a valid Emirates ID
  • Must have written a paper, thesis or published documents on topics related to digital space such as AI, Coding, Robotics, etc.
  • Should have invented a tool or gadget in digital space such as AI, Coding, Robotics, App making, etc.


Scholarship process

Next important thing one should be aware of is how to apply for the scholarship? Here are a few steps you should follow when applying for the scholarship-

Step 1- The application form should be submitted by the parent of the applying student.

Step 2- You should ensure that you upload the below mentioned documents-

  • Past two years academic record in PDF form
  • The thesis, paper or published documents
  • UAE residence visa copy of both the student and parent
  • Emirates ID copy of student and parent

Step 3- Then there will be the scholarship test and if you clear that then there will be a personal interview

Step 4- If you clear the interview you will get the email within 10 working days

Step 5- If you are selected then you will have to sign the scholarship deed.

 So, If you’re living in Dubai and searching for a best in class school, then you should consider GIIS, Dubai. They offer Dr. Abdul Kalam Scholarship to few of the brilliant minds. To know more about the Dr Kalam Scholarship at GIIS Dubai, you can click here.

Closing Thoughts

Dr Kalam has changed the meaning of education to a great extent by focusing on research, enquiry, creativity and innovation. He had immense love for children and said that the future of India lives in them. Thus, take advantage of these scholarships and transform your future along with the nations.


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