How Do You Write An Introduction & Conclusions For An Essay

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Any essay’s introduction and conclusion are critical components. They work to bookend the argument made in the body paragraphs by first explaining the points that will be stated and then summarizing the topics that have already been presented. So, if you are confused about how to write an introduction and how to write a conclusion for an essay, then read below, and you will have a good idea. Else you can ask a professional
essay helper to assist you with the structure of the essay.

The first paragraph of your paper is usually the introduction. The purpose of your introduction is to inform your reader about the contents of your work.

Introductions may help to achieve the ultimate purpose of orienting readers.

Give background information on a subject.
Readers should be able to locate themselves in each period and place.
Begin with a powerful quote or statistic—something specific.
Include an ethical appeal in which you demonstrate that you’ve done your homework and are trustworthy (explicitly or implicitly).
Make a main claim or thesis.
Set the stakes for the piece of writing—that is, why should the reader bother to continue reading.
While there is no one-size-fits-all formula for creating a strong opening, it should generally include the following:

Introduce your topic.

Attract the attention of the reader.
Begin with a “hook” that attracts the reader’s attention and introduces the broad theme. Here are some ideas for how to come up with a “hook”:
Mention a fascinating fact or figure related to your topic.
Pose a rhetorical question to your audience.
Dispel a prevalent misunderstanding about your subject.
Establish your story’s setting: who, where, why, when, what, and how?
Tell an anecdote (a hysterical short story) about your subject.
Describe your main point of focus.
After your “hook,” add a line or two outlining your paper’s precise subject. For example, what is the topic of your essay? What is the significance of this topic? This section of the introduction can offer background information about your issue to assist set the stage.

Rephrase the question in your own words.
By paraphrasing the question, you can show your lecturer that you understand it.

A statement about why the topic is essential.
Previous studies had a gap.
Indicate what questions remain unanswered in a specific area and how your study fits into the larger body of knowledge.

Important terminology and words are defined.
Only define the most relevant words briefly; a more detailed definition may be required in the main text.

Provide only a few references to support the importance of your point or the need for additional investigation.

A summary of your subtopics
Tell your reader about the subtopics you will cover in the main points.

Make a thesis statement.

Include your thesis statement at the end. The type of thesis you provide varies on the type of paper you are writing, but it should generally include the following:

your unique topic
your major point about the subject
the discussion points you will include in your paper.
Your thesis should be simple to understand and locate. It is usually the final sentence of the introduction.

Some people struggle writing introductions because they utilize the process of drafting an introduction to organize their articles. Always outline your essay before writing the beginning; once you have completed the main body and conclusion, you can write the introduction last. You can also take essay help from the professionals. You will know exactly what you are introducing this way.

For example, if we consider an essay about “causes and effects of deforestation.” The introduction will be like this:

Deforestation is the removal of trees without their replacement. This frequently occurs when land is being developed for purposes such as settlement and cultivation, among others (Spilsbury 9). Because forests constitute a support system for all living organisms, it is currently one of the most severe challenges to human survival.

Forests are an essential part of the environment, and humans have an ethical obligation to protect them. Every year, however, many forests cover is lost due to natural occurrences and human activity. Deforestation is a global issue that has wreaked havoc in various parts of the globe. Because the consequences of deforestation are uncontrollable, it is critical to find a long-term remedy.


The purpose of a conclusion is to remind your reader of your article’s key points and summarize what you want them to “take away” from it. If you are thinking about how to start a conclusion in an essay, keep the following in mind:

Start with your rephrased thesis statement to remind your reader what your paper is about.
Summarize your paper’s ideas and demonstrate how they support your thesis; connect all your paper’s sections.
Tell your reader what your argument’s relevance might be. What is the significance of this debate? Do you want your reader to think about something differently, ask a question, or act? Suggest what your reader should “do” with the information you just gave them or explain why the issue is important.
For the essay “causes and effects of deforestation.” The essay conclusion example will be like this:

Deforestation is a significant global issue that must be addressed as soon as possible. People must comprehend the importance of trees in maintaining the life cycle. This will aid in the promotion of good stewardship. Human actions affect several causes of deforestation, such as clearing land for cultivation and settlement. These actions have resulted in significant consequences, such as climate change, which are expensive to remedy. Coordination between the relevant government authorities and citizens can lead to a long-term solution to this problem. To avoid the loss of biodiversity, plant and animal species and manage the effects of climate change, it is critical to maintaining forests.

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