How Do You Choose The Perfect Earrings?

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Earrings have long been considered the most popular jewelry among women. The fair sex has always worn them to emphasize their natural beauty and femininity.

There are several important criteria that will help you make the right choice. After all, this small detail in the image can completely transform you!

We choose by the type of appearance!

According to the Shape of the Face:

For a small, thin face, it is better to choose round or convex earrings – they will help to visually expand the oval of the face.

If the face is wide, round, it is better to choose small oblong ornaments, not bulky, even rather flat.

For those who have an oblong face, large products, ball earrings are ideal.

And the most fortunate of all those representatives of the fair sex, who have the correct oval face – they can pick up any jewelry to taste.

According to the Shape of the Earlobes:

Be sure to pay attention to the earlobe – it will depend on how the earrings will sit on you. If it is small, neat, you can choose oblong jewelry, broach earrings, tiny twist earrings and small studs. For a thin lobe, lightweight products are suitable, which will not weigh down the image. For large ones – flat, of various shapes.

By the Type of Earrings:

All earrings are divided into several main types depending on the lock shape:

Studs: These are the most common type of jewelry. It is a thin rod that is screwed onto the thread from the back. They are distinguished by their versatility – they are suitable for absolutely everyone. Plus, they can be worn for any occasion – from an evening reception to a business meeting in the office. They are made of various metals, with inserts of precious and semi-precious stones. It is better to take off studs at night – their structure in the form of a “carnation” can cause inconvenience during sleep.

Earrings with English locks. It is very comfortable and practical, besides, it will never let the earring “fall out”. It snaps snugly behind the ear. Such earrings must be tried on before buying – the lock is not regulated here, so it is important that you feel comfortable in them, do not press anything or press too tightly to the earlobe.

Earrings with French lock. It is a hook lock. Made in the form of a loop that is inserted into the earlobe. This method of fastening is most often used for long twist earrings – it allows them to move calmly, sparkle in the sun when walking. If you decide to purchase earrings with a French lock – just in case, get a rubber “plug”. It is put on the tip of the hook and will allow you to always be confident in attaching your jewelry.

Earrings with an Italian lock. Earrings with Italian locks are the perfect earrings fall under earring of the month club. It is very often used in dangling earrings, since it is created in the form of a hook that goes over the clasp – thereby it is securely fixed and will not undo for sure. Perfect for those who want to self-adjust the lock to fit the shape of the ear.

Of course, there are many nuances when choosing jewelry. But the simple tips given above will help you better navigate the variety of products presented, as well as choose the most suitable product for you!


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