How Do Sealants Prevent Cavities For Children?

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Brushing your teeth is one of the best ways to keep your teeth clean. But small children do not know the exact way of brushing their teeth and often face problems reaching every inch of their teeth with their brushes. The most unattended and difficult area of our mouth to reach is the teeth at the back, known as molars. Molars are the roughest ones from the set of our teeth and the favourite place for leftover food and bacteria to hide.

So to prevent cavities in the teeth of small children, another best way is through dental sealants. Many dental professionals advise the need for dental sealants for children, but most parents are not sure how these sealants will affect their children and if they even require them.

 However, to ensure the best outcome and quality of sealants for your children, you are advised to get an appointment from a reputed Johns Creek children’s dentist. To ensure you of the effects and advantages of sealants in preventing cavities for small aged children, we have gathered and explained the information and benefits of sealants. 

A brief of sealants

Dental sealant is a thin, plastic coating painted on the hard and uneven surface of the chewing teeth called molars and premolars. The uneven surfaces of grooves are highly susceptible areas for leftover food and a good place for the bacteria to hide.

The role of sealants is to fill up the gap between these hooves and form a protective layer, eliminating any space left for the bacteria to hide. This layer is applied to the molars and premolars with a small brush and dried using blue LED light. For the best experience and long-lasting life of sealants for your children, you are advised to get the procedure done under the surveillance of the best children dentists.

Working of the sealants

Sealants work as a cover and protector of the back teeth. At night when there is no activity in our mouth, the bacteria present all over our mouth gets attracted to the leftover food in the molars and premolars. These bacteria secrete a toxic substance like an acid which is very harmful to our teeth and create holes in our teeth known as the cavity. 

The thin layer of sealants covers the surface of the back teeth and prevents the real surface of the enamel from coming in contact with food and bacteria. In the absence of sealants, all the food one eats comes in contact with the molars and premolars and gets stuck in the hooves. Children not being an expert and fond of cleaning their teeth get more prone to the bacteria causing cavities in their teeth.

Be it children or an adult; anyone can get their teeth protected by applying sealants. But, the earlier they get them applied, the better it will be for their teeth. As soon as premolars and molars of your children break for the last time, consult your dentist and get sealants applied on the new set of teeth. This provides you with guaranteed assurance for your children’s teeth in the long run and helps you save a lot of time and money required to treat cavities.

Whenever you sense starting of a cavity on your child’s teeth, you should get done with applying sealants to protect against further damage to their teeth. You can get done with the procedure with no exception of risk or side effects on your child’s body from the best kids dentist in Johns Creek.

Life-span of the sealants

The sealants once applied will last for several years. However, after a certain period, you need to get the sealants reapplied by your regular dentist. Your dentist will keep a check on the condition of your sealants on your regular visit. 

Benefits of sealants 

All people, no matter what age group they are, can be benefitted by applying sealants.

  • As soon as new molar and premolars of your small ones get erupted, getting them sealed will provide you with a guarantee of secured teeth for several years before their reapplying.                 
  • Ageing results in more decaying of the teeth. Sealants assure you with a healthy set of teeth for your future. So adults can also be a part of this treatment.

Final thoughts

We hope that you are convinced that sealants are essential for a promising healthy teeth future for your children with the above information. You can get done with the sealants procedure under an expert dentist.


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