How do I set up a Yahoo email account in Outlook 2019?

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A part of Microsoft Office, Outlook is referred to as a personal information software system that primarily functions as an email client. If you have accessed Outlook with your respective email, you can use it for journal logging, contacts making, task managing, note-taking, calendaring, and web browsing. Its smooth functioning and glitches-free features make a huge number of people rely on it and love it simultaneously. 

One of the most used emails with MS Outlook is Yahoo! After Gmail and AOL Email services, Yahoo! stands out as the best email service provider worldwide. Once you set up yahoo mail in Outlook, it will grant you access to a variety of services with a fabulous and feature-rich interface. If you are scrolling through web pages for yahoo mail settings for outlook, your search is over now! Continue reading to know how you can set up a yahoo email account in Outlook 2019 or Outlook 2016.

How can I set up Yahoo mail in Outlook 2019?

Before initiating the process of adding a yahoo mail in Outlook, you need to enable POP and IMAP on Yahoo! This is the first step in Yahoo mail settings for Outlook. 

Change Yahoo! mail setting by enabling POP and IMAP 

Since Outlook follows the incoming email server of Yahoo!, You need to enable POP and IMAP on your Yahoo! mail before your begin to set up Yahoo! mail in Outlook. Thus, to enable it, you need to log in to your Yahoo! account and then select the Account Info. Now, locate the Account security and there you will see an option Allow apps that use lesser secure sign-in, click on it! 

Now Create an App-specific password 

Creating an app-specific password helps you to smoothly log in to another device. If you have already enabled the two-step authentication in your Yahoo mail settings, you can now create an app-specific password. You can do it by following the mentioned direction

  • Log in to your Yahoo mail account
  • Go to Account info
  • Select the Account security option
  • Click on the Generate app password 
  • Enter a unique password 
  • Now, tap on the Generate icon 

Set up Yahoo mail account in Outlook 2019/2016

The process to set up a Yahoo mail account in Outlook 2019 and Outlook 2016 is quite the same. Follow this below-mentioned simple guide to set up Yahoo! mail in Microsoft Outlook. 

  1. Launch Outlook in your device and locate the File option 
  2. Navigate the Add Account bar in the application 
  3. In the Add Account section, you will see two options 
  4. Avoid the first one and tap on the second option “Manual Setup or Additional server types
  5. Now Choose service page will appear on your screen 
  6. Select the POP or IMAP option and continue by clicking on the “next” button 
  7. Now under the POP and IMAP Account Settings option, feed all Yahoo account credentials 
  8. Press on the Next button and let Outlook gather your information and complete the authentication process 
  9. Once the authentication process finishes, Outlook will send a test email 
  10. that’s all! Your Yahoo mail set up in Outlook is done. Now you can witness your Yahoo account in Outlook. 

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Why should you not choose to use the kutty movies collection?

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