How Do I Convert A PST File to Thunderbird?

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Are you looking for the best solution to resolve “how do I convert a PST file to Thunderbird” query? Then, read out this blog post till the end because this blog contains the accurate solution to solve the problem of how to import Outlook files to Thunderbird with the help of PST to MBOX Converter. Firstly, let’s have a look at some reasons for PST to Thunderbird conversion.

Why Users Want to Convert PST File to Mozilla Thunderbird?

There are a number of reasons available for converting a PST file to Thunderbird. Some are listed below:-

  • Multiple-Platform Application- Thunderbird is an independent and ideal application that is easily compatible with all Windows Operating Systems without any difficulty. It is well-suited with Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS. For any Linux and UNIX users, Mozilla Thunderbird is the best option.
  • Cost Saving Application- Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source email client application that does not charge from its users. With the use of Thunderbird, users can freely access all services of this application free of cost. This is one of the main reasons to convert PST files to Mozilla Thunderbird by the users.
  • Own Preference- Sometimes users are using different desktop-based email applications at home and office. This situation can vary from one place to another place. So, to deal with one system mail to another, they might come up with needs of PST to Thunderbird conversion.

How Do I Convert A PST File to Thunderbird Manually?

The Manual process looks simple for performing but it will turn out to be a complex process for those who are not from a technical background. Lots of technical knowledge is required to convert PST file to Mozilla Thunderbird. The manual method is time-consuming and lengthy because it doesn’t have the capability to transfer multiple PST file to MBOX at once. It is a simple one-by-one process and can be beneficial where there are few PST files available for migration. So, it would be better for all users to go for a perfect and trustworthy solution i.e. PST to MBOX Converter.

Professional Solution to Convert A PST File to Thunderbird?

Here users can freely download PST to MBOX Converter Software which is the only direct and reliable solution for them to get answers to their queries like how do I convert a PST file to MBOX along with all email details and attachments. This tool offers multiple advanced features to users by which they can easily perform the complete conversion process. Some of the beneficial features are mentioned below:-

  • The tool allows batch mode to convert multiple PST files to MBOX format at once without loss of database.
  • It has user’s friendly GUI, so anyone can easily convert PST file to Thunderbird without expert help.
  • This tool also maintains all email properties and formatting.
  • It also permits users to save their resulting file in the desired location.
  • This tool not only supports the Thunderbird email client app even users can also convert their PST file to any MBOX based email application such as Apple Mail, Eudora Mail, SeaMonkey, SpiceBird, EarthLink and many more.
  • It gives different saving options (Including deleted emails, excluding deleted emails, only deleted emails) before performing PST migration to MBOX format.
  • This software smoothly runs on all versions of Windows OS such as Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 8.0, Win 7, Win Vista, Win XP, etc. Also, this tool supports all Microsoft Outlook versions including Outlook 2019 edition.
  • It is also capable of converting both ANSI and Unicode file types of Outlook PST.

Follow the Step by Step Procedure to Convert PST File to Thunderbird 

  1. Download and open Outlook Converter on your local PC
  2. Click on Add Files options to upload PST files/folders for conversion to MBOX format
  3. After adding PST files/folders, click on the Export button to select the saving output file format from the list.
  4. Now, choose the destination path to save the converted files by clicking the Browse option.
  5. After that, click on the Convert button to start the conversion procedure. Completing the process, the software show a message “process completed successfully”. Then hit on OK button to end the process.
  6. Finally, after the conversion is finished, the software shows a conversion log report at its bottom screen.


The above blog post explained all the methods available in a market to resolve the query of how do I convert a PST file to Thunderbird. Now it’s your turn to opt for any of the ones which is suitable for converting a PST file to Mozilla Thunderbird without any data loss. It also provides a free demo version to convert only the first 25 emails from PST file to MBOX format free of cost.


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