How Do Apps Like Netflix Benefit In The Current Situation?

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The entertainment industry is experiencing a great boom in recent times. With the advent of OTT platforms like Netflix, all the movie lovers, entertainment freaks, including television and movie producers, are benefited through apps like Netflix for its compatible features and ability to increase their revenue stands amidst this pandemic and lockdown.

With the increasing rate of investors and users for the app, many investors and entrepreneurs are looking to create similar apps like Netflix to establish a phenomenon in the entertainment industry. 

Shocking numbers of Video streaming apps like Netflix

  • Netflix accounted for 207.64 million paid users in the app during the first quarter of 2021.
  • Among the global users, the US and Canada alone record 74million users at Netflix.

This shows the growth and demand for video streaming apps in the market. Nad entrepreneurs have great opportunities to explore here in this business niche. 

How are Netflix clones benefiting? 

Video streaming entertainment apps like Netflix benefit everyone associated with the app, from users to producers and the admin. 


We all have experienced the crush of the situation for the past two years. Apps like Netflix have been a major reason to be stress-free, and each and everyone is occupied. By providing vast content and videos, the users experience the effect of live theatres on their phones. By other subscription plans, they get access to a wide range of content and relieve all their stress binge-watching them. 


The app has multiple revenue streaming opportunities through subscription plans, pay-per-watch options, in-app ads, income from the producers to host their content, and many others. On the other hand, by facilitating multilingual content, the app’s admin has a great opportunity to reach out to the global community audience. With efficient technical infrastructure, the admin can easily manage and carry out his business at ease. 


The OTT platforms gave the movie procedures and other short films, series, and anthologies a greater marketplace than the physical market. Here they experienced a wide range of audiences for their product. In the time of complete depression of the industry, these apps benefited the industry. 

4.Entertainment industry 

Through these apps, it provides huge opportunities for the entertainment industry with its improved global marketplace. Thousands and thousands of people have benefited from the cameraman to lightning, actors, assistants, and everybody else. Despite we resume back to normal, the support of online video streaming apps like Netflix are immense and very effective that the industry choose these apps to boost up the visibility for their contents

Salient Features that boost the user experience in your Netflix clone app

We all know about the regular features of Video conferencing apps. Apart from them, let us discuss a few additional features that can be incorporated into your Netflix clone app to boost user engagement. 

  1. Multi-language availability indications in the video content.
  2. Instant updates regarding new arrivals through push notifications options
  3. Increased screen options based on subscription plans. 
  4. Watch with a friend option facilitated with in-app chat integration.
  5. Improved content categories for kids and intermediates.

And based on the audience target, your app can add or delete the required features. 

Final verdict

With the increasing popularity and demand for the apps like Netflix, entrepreneurs have engaged themself in developing similar apps to boost their business activities.

At INORU, we help you create a full-featured app with great demand for its multiple revenue streams and increased audience with our advanced white label solutions. Through Scripting, we help you develop a legit app with customization and flexibility to bend to your needs.

With your Netflix clone app, you get a wider opportunity to boost your business in the global market with an increased audience. Grab your chance right away.


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