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By the global occurrence of covid pandemic , what you see and perceive regardless of such updates , the uncertainties happening with this  pandemic, be motivated to build a better strategy to grow your business within economic crises going on, but maybe you grow with taking your business as on next level with the new normal environment.

People’s lives and routine works are affected  to a great extent. When the public feels insecure about their jobs and when businesses are financially threatened. How do you and your business react? Unless you re-examine your external marketing strategy , your ability to grow and expand your business in tough times. Online marketing works better in such global scenarios or not.

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Can you still grow your business during pandemic crises?

You can grow business in pandemic definitely maybe. An eruptive economy can create a pool of opportunities as it can destroy. Depending on what type of industry you’re in. many businesses flourished because of crises and some are working great in their industry, it’s about how you tackle in minimising your losses and finding new ways or optimise capital on new opportunities.

Applying strategic decisions to your business will strengthen your position in the market.will you wait, or minimize your operations and reduce the marketing efforts ? It’s important to plan the strategies and put them in call in action mode and then check the insights and analyse.

Do efforts in online marketing more than ever.

Most of the businesses who provide services  in brick and mortar form as well as on online platforms have a good opportunity to develop a more strategic version on an online marketing company or advertising more on big channels like if you didn’t do it earlier.

Small startups who just started their journey have a good opportunity to switch over online also to mark their presence , if they are not doing great in offline business. 

There are plenty of channels which are doing great for business, so adopt these channels like facebook, youtube, linkedin, twitter etc. take expert advice from social media marketing agencies as they have experience in marketing tools.

Take support from marketing agency expert 

Digital marketing companies in Kolkata are doing great because everything is now usually working in virtual mode and providing assistance to their partners’ company to fix and work on behalf of business to guide you in web development, website design,social media marketing and many things which you need in your online business marketing.

So take expert advice in your online business to reach your target audience and maintain a good impression in customers’ minds.

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Host virtual events to generate customers interest and educate them.

Hosting virtual events for your clients and to build new prospects also , this a good idea to generate interest for consumers from the comfort of their homes. Conduct webinars and workshops to promote your business , to educate the clients about your working environment, the products and services you offer. Make your webinar stand out from other companies , make it an interesting and interactive session for people. End the event with a clear call to action and leave your audience to stay connected with you.

Sharp up your virtual selling skills.

Many companies are now shifting to virtual selling processes and advertising to the public, pitching over google meet or zoom calling , it does not mean less professional. Treat  your virtual sales like in person meetings rather than casual one, dress professionally , optimize your office environment , make it clear cut communications voice and audio to make agoo impact with your potential clients.   

Be proactive with virtual selling as you are in face to face selling to a customer , be creative in telling and selling the product.  Your target customers will keep in their minds about what a selling approach you did and remind them to approach you.

Appraise your customer’s perspective when interacting .

A company should know about the point of view of customers to serve them with better results every time. Channels of social media platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin, and own website these are now becoming more active brands in customer eye so stay connected with your customers with such remote control apps.

Make use of CRM and EMAIL Marketing.

Demand of your business will grow if you connect to customers in the right manner,  scrap your CRM  existing customers and make leads , use email marketing or make lists of existing customers to re-engage users to the campaigns.

 Find the most valuable customers and try to connect them with special offers and guide them.

Since email marketing is cheap and gives better return on digital channels, email programs will keep your business survive with open communications with the existing customers and make them updated with special offers daily.

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