How A University Campus Tour Addresses Specific Marketing Needs?

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As in-person university and college tours have gone down to a minimum, virtual tours have taken the center stage. According to reports, a staggering 80% of all prospective college students rate visiting campus as “extremely important”. And when an in-person visit is not possible, students can resort to digital alternatives, such as a virtual university campus tour.

The need and advantages of virtual campus tours go way beyond being just an alternative right now. For years, these tours have helped students get a feel of the college and look at its various aspects from the comfort of their homes. And the current times of the COVID-19 pandemic have simply accelerated that process.

Today, an increasing number of schools and universities are investing in some kind of virtual tour software. If you really want your college or university to stand out, you must take steps to distinguish it in your student’s consideration set. And that might just be offering them a virtual university campus tour.

In this article, we will look at the various benefits of offering a virtual tour to your prospective students and understand how that can boost your marketing campaigns.

Advantages of a 360-degree Wide Virtual University Campus Tour

Here are the top 4 advantages of using virtual tours to boost your college recruitment rate.

  1. Build familiarity

A virtual campus tour showcases your campus and all its facilities that help the students to get a feel of the place. The prospective students can view different areas relevant to their interests and make an informed decision.

  1. Stand out from the competition

A virtual university campus tour offers an interactive web experience to the prospective student that goes beyond browsing a static website. It engages the viewers and helps to build an instant connection with them.

  1. Highlight your university’s attractive features

Using these tours, you can easily highlight the most unique features and aspects of your university. For instance, you can show the nearby surroundings or any state-of-the-art labs and buildings to draw the attention of the students.

  1. Keep the audience engaged

This is a given. A virtual tour offers an immersive experience that helps to engage the prospects right from the start.

These advantages stand, and you can easily build on them to make them stand out even more. Now let’s look at how a virtual tour can help to promote your university.

The Unique Needs of College-Specific Marketing and Promotions

Most virtual tours tend to focus on the university as a whole. For instance, you will find stops at the cafeteria, fancy dormitory rooms, dining halls, gymnasiums, along with one or two academic buildings. These are enough to pique the interest of the students. However, it may not always be enough. It may not really facilitate their decision on whether they should enroll at a particular university to pursue their higher education. This is where college-specific virtual tours come into play.

In simple words, details really matter. For instance, a virtual campus tour of a reputed business college should focus more on the following:

  • Computer labs and student lounges
  • Various classrooms dedicated to different majors
  • IT rooms & more

Highlighting these areas instead of cafeterias and dining halls will help you build a much more personalized marketing experience. It will help the students to find the real value attached to your university and facilitate their decision of enrolment. Providing such niche information is especially important if your college or university has built its own unique brand and offers something truly original and worth showcasing.

In today’s time, there is an increased emphasis on picking the right major. And having a virtual university campus tour that provides a school-specific digital experience has become all the more important.

Tips to Use University Campus Tour to Improve Marketing Campaigns

  1. Make sure to add an “apply now” or “schedule a visit” link. This will make it easy for the prospective students to take the next step in the enrolment journey.
  2. Enable the students to ask questions just like they would in an in-person tour with a real tour guide. You can add a section within the tour where the students can ask their questions and receive a direct response from the faculty members.
  3. Create the tour in such a way that both the text and visuals at the backend are easily editable. College campuses change so there should be a provision to reinstate these changes without tearing apart the entire virtual tour.
  4. Offer comprehensive content that engages all types of users. Visitors are only willing to spend time if they get something useful that ultimately facilitates their final decision.

These aforementioned tips will make sure that you create a virtual university campus tour that not only assists students but also help you stand apart from the competition.



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