History of the Beefmaster Breeders in Texas

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Beefmaster cattle is the first composite breed of America. It is a combination of three or four breeds. These breeding cattle were previously developed by the Lasater Ranch and then in Texas. In the earlier times, the breed’s founder named Tom Lasater formed Beefmaster from an organized crossing of Hereford Brahman and Shorthorn cattle.

The primary purpose of this breeding program is to produce cattle that are more productive than the already existing breeds. These productive cattle can even make money during hard times of economic crisis in the harsh conditions of South Texas. They decided to develop a new breed depending upon some major principles which are listed below.

  • Weight
  • Confirmation
  • Fertility
  • Disposition
  • Milk Production
  • Hardiness

These six essentials have become a great strength of Beefmaster Breeders near me. They have significantly made them the best choice for people who are dependent on these cattle for their daily living. This Beefmaster is the only breed that is exclusively developed to progress in economic traits. However, brownish-red is the most common color among cattle while this breed has no color standards.

The Beefmaster breeders are also recognized by the Department of Agriculture in the U.S. as pure breed. Since 1970, the beef breed experienced a rapid expansion from South Texas, Beefmasters have survived numerous wrecks in the cattle industry without affecting their growth and demand adversely. However, after 1974, the membership in Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) increased from 300 to approximately 7000.

The BBU organization was founded in 1961, and it is one of the best beef breed registries in the United States in the top ten registrations. Actively responding to change and challenging situations is the motive of the heritage of Beefmaster Breeders near me. The Beefmasters along with cattlewomen and cattlemen who nourish them are always ready to deal with the ever-changing beef breeding industry.

Why Do People Choose Beefmasters?

Our families have been following a quite sensible method to cattle selection for more than 80 years. They used to call this road map the “Six Essentials” and they have been trying persistently to share it with maximum people who want to listen. As it is always rewarding and refreshing to see an improved interest in the productive and practical cattle industry. They prefer to focus on economic traits instead of aesthetics.

Some beef breeders usually ask, why Beefmaster Breeders? However, it is an extremely important question as these amazing cattle could not get enough credit for all the things they do so brilliantly. Following are some key factors that have made Beefmasters Breeders unique in the beef cattle industry.

On the Ranch

  • Gentle and Responsive Handling
  • Longevity
  • Low-maintenance Females
  • Outstanding Replacements
  • Excellent Mother Cows
  • Built-in Heterosis
  • Heat, disease and Insect Resistance

In the Beef Chain

  • High weights
  • Grade and Yield
  • Incredible Feed Conversion
  • Long-feed Efficiency
  • Low Death Rate and Sickness
  • Lean, tender and tasty Beef

For people who are grass-breed ranchers and prefer cattle that can raise profitable calves with a minimum of attention in any climatic condition, Beefmaster is the perfect option for them.


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