Here’s How You Can Reduce The Rajas Guna With Yoga

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Your entire being is comprised of three different elements namely Sattva, Rajas Guna With Yoga, and Tamas. All these three elements affect everything around you including matter, consciousness, and energy. Out of these three, Rajas is the one related to energy, change, action, and movement. The nature of this element is that of attachment and attraction.

Unfortunately, if the Rajas element gets imbalanced then it leads to anxiety, hyperactivity, and excessive thinking. However, you can enroll in a registered yoga school to bring this element back into balance. All you need to do is bring in some minor changes to your diet and exercise routine.

Why Do I Need To Balance The Rajas Element?

Though you have one Guna more dominant than the other two. However, to live a happy and healthy life you have to maintain balance among all three elements. Remember, to balance each of these elements you need to have the right atmosphere, type of work, and spiritual goals.

For example, if you are an athlete you would need higher amounts of Rajas element to perform in sporting events. It is the element that drives you to achieve short and long-term goals.

However, as stated above, too much of Rajas Guna is never good as it also causes anger, exhaustion, emotional upset, stress, and desire. If present in excess, the Rajas Guna prevents you from unlocking true potential as it disturbs your mind with attachments and obsession.

You might be tempted to use every weapon in your yogic arsenal to get rid of this issue. However, yoga experts recommend that you should proceed slowly and not do everything at once.

5 Secrets To Reduce Rajas Guna

You should pay attention to what ideas you have and which are the ones you have the strongest reaction to. These are normally those ideas that have the strongest grip on your true potential.

With that said, given below are five secrets to help you reduce the Rajas Guna.

1. Yoga Asana Adjustment

Make sure to practice at least one restorative yoga asana every day this minimizes the Tamas Guna. At the same time, try holding your position and body alignment for extended time with challenging yoga poses for a little longer and minimize sun salutations. You should include forward folds and side bending poses for mental calm.

2. Do Some Pranayama

Make sure you do Pranayama for at least 10 to 15 minutes every day. This yogic technique helps you get rid of the excess Rajas Guna With Yoga. In case you are not able to do it, try the ocean sound breathing technique. You can also do a few minutes of Shitali to let go of the anger felt with excess Rajas.

3. Make Lifestyle Changes

The best lifestyle change you can make to reduce the Rajas Guna is doing less and paying attention to proper sleep and rest. Avoid being part of a busy environment and instead look for places with natural surroundings. In other words, look for an environment that offers you peace of mind, introspection, and space to contemplate.

Moreover, you should speak less and listen more, and have mindful communication. Listen to soothing music or just enjoy the silence. Avoid overdoing anything be it workout, consumption, or work. Try Karma Yoga and do one act of kindness every day. Enroll in 200 Hour yoga teacher training to bring some positive changes to your lifestyle.

4. Meditate

Although if you have a super-busy schedule then finding a few minutes to just sit silently would also seem like a task. However, daily meditation reduces the overstimulating effect that Rajas Guna has on your body and mind. You can try third-eye, inner peace, and heart chakra meditation to focus your mind on the present moment.

Yoga experts recommend you include Mantra meditation to get rid of excessive thinking. On the other hand, you can also try Meta Meditation to get rid of the anger.

5. Change Diet

One of the reasons why there is an excess of Rajas Guna With Yoga in your body is poor diet. Never eat food on the go but sit down and spend time savoring every meal. Avoid consuming greasy and oily food items. Reduce the consumption of eggs, fish, and dark leafy vegetables. Enroll in a registered yoga school to know the best diet to reduce this element.


Rajas is important for you to live life to the fullest. Enroll in a registered yoga school to ensure there is no imbalance of Rajas Guna.


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