Heart warming gift ideas on anniversary for your spouse

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Anniversary means a call for celebration and gifts are an essential element in this. Gifts can do magic and can create wonders. Gifts can be a saviour for you if you are a shy person and feel hesitant to express your love to your spouse even after being married to him/her for so long. Getting a gift for your partner can be a hard nut to crack because conventional gifts become monotonous, and it doesn’t have that effect on the person for which it has been given. And getting a different gift all the time becomes really difficult.

So to lessen your burden, here we have some heart-warming gift ideas which you can try on your partner on your anniversary to make him/her feel special. 


Perfumes bouquet-

They are a versatile gift option and are open to all. If your partner loves perfume, you can get a perfume bouquet of their favourite fragrances on your anniversary. You can customise your bouquet by accompanying it with chocolates and packing it in an attractive way to make it look appealing. Your partner will definitely love this bouquet.


Glass Frame-

Traditional photo frames are a common gift idea. But they are still very personalised. So to make it unique, you can choose a glass frame instead of a normal photo frame. Glass frames look classy and elegant. They can be a beautiful decor piece. So get the most beautiful picture of both of yours and get it framed in the glass. You can also choose to frame a collage instead of a single picture. The large-size glass frame looks stunning and is one of the best heartwarming gifts.


Bake a cake-

The market is full of beautiful cake options, but none can replace the home-made cake. So if you want to give something heart-melting to your partner, bake a marriage anniversary cake for him/her. There are plenty of youtube channels for a recipe for a cake which you can refer to. Decorate your cake and add some personal touch to it. You can also attach a small message with it to make it more romantic. I am sure your partner will love this.


Love bands-

Love bands are a symbol of togetherness and being equal in a relationship. These are a kind of rings which are available in different metals like platinum, silver and diamond. They are available as two rings, one for the husband and the other one for the wife. You can gift love bands for your partner to make him/her feel special. This will be a very heartwarming gift, and your spouse will definitely like it. 


Hand-written letter-

Handmade gifts have their own charisma because they represent that the person who made it had given time and effort for them. You don’t have to be very creative to make a handmade gift. You can choose to write a letter to your partner. If you feel shy to express your love or you have lots to say but don’t know where to start from, then write a letter pouring your heart out to your partner and express your love in the most ancient, still a very romantic way. If you are away from the city for some reason, you can post the letter along with the cake to your partner to make him/her feel special. You can send the cake online to Bangalore via an online delivery service.


Long distance touch bracelet-

Long distance touch bracelet is a new technology to keep you closer to the person you love.

They lit and buzz whenever you touch it. Whenever you touch it, your partner will feel it, and it’s a beautiful way to keep them closer. Get this touch bracelet, keep one for yourself and gift the other one to your partner. You will feel connected and will stay in touch. You can chat, share pictures through this and also sync your mobile with it. It is a multi-functional touch band. This is the most heart-melting gift option, and I am sure it will make your spouse fall in love with you all over again. 



If you don’t have much time to get a gift for your spouse, then a flower bouquet can be your saviour. It is a beautiful and versatile gift with a wide variety of options available. Get your partner an anniversary bouquet with flowers of their choice. You can also attach a card to it to make it look more convincing and appealing.


I hope you find these gift ideas relevant and easy. Choose one of the above options instead of googling for gifting ideas from the internet. Reading this article will save you time. 



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