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How can you understand the structure of your body? How will we know that all the systems in our body are perfectly working? To understand the basic knowledge about the heart, kidney, digestive system, etc we have to perform certain tests under a medical Lab. The sign of a heart attack and heart blockage is common. How to detect it and what are the symptoms to detect it is mentioned below. Read this article and understand the basic signs of a heart attack and precautions to be taken.

What is a heart attack?

Heart attack is a common medical word known by people. It is a medical emergency. A heart attack usually occurs when the blood clot stops the blood flow to the heart. Without the use of blood, the tissues present in the body lose the oxygen level, and people die. There are certain labs, emergency care where heart attack patients are detected. The sign of a heart attack is very common like pain in chest, neck, abnormal heartbeat and anxiety.

Various symptoms of heart attack 

You might be wondering what went wrong. The casual problem in life is a warning of four biggest diseases. The below-mentioned symptoms should not be ignored in life to have a healthy heart. These are the signs of a heart attack.

Improper functioning of chest

The most common sign of heart attack is improper and discomfort in the chest. In the chest, you might feel pain, pressure, tightness. You should never ignore these symptoms And should be checked by a doctor.  Always remember that a healthy chest will keep a doctor away.

Pain in stomach

Are you noticing pain in your stomach? Some symptoms of heart attack are vomiting, Constipation, heartburn, stomach pain, nausea. These are symptoms R seen more in women than in men. Visit your nearest doctor and let him detect the theory behind it.

Arm pain

One of the latest symptoms of heart attack is pain which will spread all over your arm. This is the starting phase of a chest problem and heart attack. The pain that will never let you gain should be diagnosed earlier.

Dizziness and lightheaded

Many people lose their temper and balance and faint for a moment. This is due to shortness of breath or just discomfort. Call a doctor right away and miss the chance to faint again. The blood pressure has dropped due to the pumping heart effects.

Throat pain

Pain in the throat is not related to the heart. This issue can be a sinus problem, cold and muscular issue. suppose you notice pain at the center of your heart spread up to your throat is a sign of a heart attack. Try for help from your medical expert.

Feeling exhausted

Feeling Exhausted is also the biggest problem. You should never ignore this problem. Climbing the stairs, mountains, or getting heavy things will make you weak then make an appointment with your doctor.


Snoring is quite common and loud snoring will always break your chain. Sometimes at night people lose their moment for extra stress. While sleeping, you can get stressed which leads to a heart attack.

Cough and cold

Most people have noticed that coughing often leads to heart trouble. People facing heart disease must pay attention to the long-lasting heart. Careless for a longer period is the sign of a heart attack.

Heartbeat irregular

You might have experienced irregular heartbeat often. Those people who are quite nervous or excited get a regular heartbeat sometimes. Never underestimate the irregular heartbeat if it goes more than a few seconds. The improper and irregular pattern of heart beating leads to a heart attack. Consult your doctor as soon as possible and discuss the problem.

Swelling problem

The problem of swelling in our feet, legs and ankle needs to be rectified. Usually swelling in these areas is due to a heart problem. The heart will not be able to pump blood and due to lack of blood clots heart failure might occur.

How can you stop a heart attack?

To reduce the risk factor of heart attack you should take some precautions.

  • A healthy diet is a must to keep your heart fresh And healthy. fish contain omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients which can reduce heart disease.
  • Vegetables, whole grains, beans, and fruits fight heart disease. You should avoid eating trans fatty food and fast food. Bad cholesterol levels lead to heart disease very easily.
  • Follow some exercise and do them on a regular basis.
  • Regular checkups and certain tests should be performed to check your cholesterol level.


These are the symptoms and precautions of a heart attack. The sign of a heart attack should never be neglected. A healthy heart will always give you a healthy body. Without a healthy body, you cannot maintain proper health.


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