Health Benefits Of Wooden Toys and Wooden Building Blocks – Read The Evidence Now

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In a world where fewer and fewer of us manage to spend time in nature, and children’s playthings are often made of plastic or some other non-sensual material, wooden toys and building blocks Wood construction should be used more than ever. Did you know that your child can have health benefits only if he touches wooden toys and is in her presence? Of course, these toys have many other educational benefits as well and help your child’s motor skills. However, let’s first examine the health benefits of wooden toys for children.

Health Benefits of Wooden Toys and Wooden Building Blocks

That is why I mentioned in the introduction that many of us spend less time in nature. The study carried out at the University of British Columbia together with FP Innovations has shown that there is a link between the improvement of human health and wood, and it is linked to the benefits we obtain from being in nature. So since many of us have very busy lives and need to live in cities and towns for work reasons, a prominent response from this study is to bring nature to us. This can be done for your child by buying him wooden toys and wooden building blocks. It can also be done in her surroundings by introducing wood and plants.

The study carried out an experiment in four office environments by introducing wood and plants into the rooms and leaving the rest of the offices in their normal state, but removing the plants that were previously there. 119 students participated in the study and were assigned tasks to raise their stress levels. The study concluded that stress was lower in offices with wood and plants, as measured by the activation of the sympathetic nervous system. This was consistent in all phases of the study.

Wood has been shown to reduce stress levels

Thus, it reduces the activation of the SNS (sympathetic nervous system), which is responsible for the physiological responses to stress in humans. The study results open up a wide range of potential benefits, as stress reduction is a big goal in itself, but of course stress can trigger many other health problems. In fact, evidence-based designers are taking this into account as a new tool to promote our indoor health.

Thinking of your child who will touch, feel, and play with his wooden toys and wooden building blocks, you can easily imagine the benefits to him. Since he or she will not only have wood in the environment, but he will also touch it.

Wood in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, wood is one of the five elements and its benefits are linked to growth, and to benefit from this element you can use plants, flowers, the wood itself, but also medium blues and greens, as well as vertical lines. Now, of course, many of the wooden toys that are available to your child will also have vertical lines.

Let’s not forget the other benefits of wooden toys and wooden building blocks

Additionally, these toys have other very important benefits such as encouraging and improving:

-Problem and puzzle solving skills

-Motor skills

-Spatial awareness

-Play imaginatively

-Hand-eye coordination

-Pattern recognition

-Recognition of letters and numbers (in certain toys)


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