Having A Fear Of Making Communication? Not More!

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A time came in my life when I had no interest in talking to anyone except my friends and family members. Many time, I used to be frightened with the thinking about what to talk about and how to talk with random people. I could not make any conclusions on making people falling into a conversation.

I used to feel nervousness when I was to talk to any relative or a new person. It was a bizarre thing for me. I could not make a conversation with anyone. After a long time, having learned and applied various communication techniques, I feel confident enough to have words with everyone.

I can now even talk to the person of any type, whether they have an interest in having a conversation or not. If you want to become a person who feels confident in talking to everyone without fear or thinking much about the facts about what to do, this blog will surely help you.

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Communication principles

Open and close question

Many times, we try to make conversation with a person, but after a series of exciting questions and answers, we receive only hmm and yeah related response. These responses are very monotonous and work in no sense within the conversation.

This prevents us from talking further and reaching a particularly awkward situation where we do not want to go. For example, John goes to attend a party where he has no friends, and everyone is a stranger to him. He thinks o spend that time talking to someone.

With some fear, he starts to settle a communication with a girl. Let us see how they communicated:

John: Hi there!

She: Hi!

John: It is a nice party?

She: yes, It is!

John: are you a friend to Joe?

She: Yes, I am.

John: me too. Do you drink?

She: No!

John: neither I.

She: ok, then! Want to go. Have a nice day.

John: thanks! Bye.

No one can infer the mistakes committed by John, which is why most people are with poor communication skills. While having communication, you can ask a lot to the other person.

This can be achieved with a healthy question and must be asked with positive intentions.

Questions can be of two types:

Closed questions- they usually close the person to answer them and encourage them to make it precise, like what happened in the above conversation.

Open questions- they open the person and encourage others to talk more and with long length answers. For example, the scene is the same, but if John asks open questions instead of a closed one, the conversation would be like:

John: Hello! I am John.

She: Hi! I am Stacy.

John: what do you think and like about these parties?

(To answer this type of question, there would be a lengthy answer, so she will be like giving a long answer)

She: well! I like loud music and dance at these types of parties.

This will maintain the flow of having a lengthy conversation, and you can make it according to your wish. With this, you can pass the time and somehow make a new friend in her.

Instead of asking whether she is a friend to Joe, ask about what it took to have friendship with Joe. It will be a better role in having a long talk.

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After laying down an open question, you need to talk less and listen to the other more. You must be an active listener means you can clearly understand the other and his feelings.

Threading is a kind of technology that helps you talk a lot with people while creating a powerful rapport and emotional connection. When you go to a car dealer, you need to listen to the dealer about what an ideal car should be like before telling about your demand for a car.

Then you can buy a car with the help of easy car finance and make it your own.

Listening to others’ views and opinions makes the other fall in befriends and show faith in you. Threading is nothing more than making the question from the other’s opinion.

Once you become a master in the communication skills, you can get entirely rid of worries about talking with random people. Instead you can influence others and make them feel secure in talking with you.

With this trait, they will start appreciating you and giving the maximum of the time to relate with you. The relation may be of social, economic and personal ethics. They will start making and keeping a string bonding with you.


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