Have Your House Has Turned into A Bee Nest? – We’ll Tell You How to Tackle It

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Nature is a wonderful thing, all the colors of nature are mesmerizing. The color of trees in different seasons along with the hues of the animal kingdom. And bees are one of the most vibrant parts of this nature and dare we say the dangerous ones as well. You never know what will freak them out to attack you, so it’s better to admire their colors from a distance.

But that becomes impossible when they are living right under your roof. It becomes dangerous too when someone in your family has a bee sting allergy. In such conditions, it’s better to call the local bees pest control before an accident can happen. But we also have some tactics that can keep your family safe and throw bees out from your house. You can give these a try:

Lock Them In

If they have to build a nest in your basement, attic, or inside a room. You need to vacate that space as soon as possible. Take all the necessary things out from the room before starting the treatment, especially somewhere the bees can hide in. It will minimize the chances of getting stung.

Smoke The Room

Again, before trying this method, you need to take out certain objects from the room. In this case, objects that can easily catch fire like cardboard boxes, newspapers, clothes, etc. All you have to do is create a smoke right under the beehive. Bees despise smoke, and it can get them all riled up. So, try to vacate the room as soon as the smoke cloud is created. It is one of the safest ways to get rid of them without calling the bee exterminators near me. Don’t forget to open a window of that room so they can exit easily. Once you are certain all the bees are gone, throw away the nest so they cannot resettle.

Moth Balls

Who knew that mothballs can be effective to clear out a bee colony. But these are without a doubt and the reason being its strong smell. Bees cannot take any strong-smelling things and mothballs are those things that despise them. Take a dozen mothballs then bundle them into 2 to 3 different cloth pockets then hang these around the hive. The strong smell will linger inside their nest and they will be forced to leave their nest. Leave it be for some time or until the bees have left. In the end, get rid of the hive as well. Do make sure to lock the space during this time as they can relocate inside.

Go Green

You can now plant trees instead of hiring the best bee exterminators near me to get rid of the bees. If gardening is your passion, then this tip might be a treat for you. All you have to do is place certain plants around the bee nest. Plants like eucalyptus, citronella, mint, etc. are vastly effective to repel bees. Just place the plant near their nest and lock the room. It might take a couple of days but the bees will leave the room by being fed up with the smell.

Contact A Bee Keeper

Contacting a beekeeper would be best for you, especially if you are allergic to bees. Most beekeepers would do this for free, so you might not have to worry about their expenses. Beekeepers will take away all the bees with themselves, this way you won’t have to kill them and you can also get the house to yourself. Do make sure to stay away from the place when they are working.

Call The Professionals

All these methods might work just fine, but things can also go massively wrong and your mind ends up in a hospital. That’s why in such pest problems, you need to seek out an expert’s help. Calling a pest control for bees near me would provide you with the below advantages: –

  • The professionals would get rid of all the bees without bringing harm to your family and pets.

  • When you couldn’t find the bee nest but have been seeing the bee, calling a pest control agency would be best. Because they can easily locate the bee nest.

  • It would be a one-time investment that can save you from massive hospital bills.

  • If you are a busy person and don’t have enough time, hiring a pest agency will save so much time and effort on your part.

  • You will be learning a lot of bee prevention methods from them as well.

  • Some of these methods might be dangerous for your family, while pest experts put your family’s safety first.

As you can see there are a lot of reasons to hire experts, so why would you want to do it on your own.


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