Hard to Reach Window Cleaning Tips from Ecoserve

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The ground floor windows can be wiped easily, but what about the ones on the first floor? It can be risky to clean the windows on the upper levels of a house.

For tall buildings, we recommend hiring professionals for window cleaning in London. Even if you decide to take the task upon yourself, consider the safety measures and the tips mentioned in this article.

Keep reading to know some of the ways to clean those hard-to-reach windows.

Safety Comes First

Accidents on-site while cleaning hard-to-reach windows is extremely common, especially when you are untrained and don’t have the right equipment. So safety should be your priority!

Take precautions before you start, and follow safety measures during the entire process.

Gather all the necessary equipment and supplies before you start cleaning. Keeps towels, sponges, buckets, squeegees, and cleaning supplies in the area where you will be working. It will reduce the number of rounds you have to make to get the supplies.

If you need a ladder, check the steps before bringing it on site. Also, check if it is slippery, to avoid accidents. The ladder should extend beyond the area you need to clean. The best option would be to have someone at the base of the ladder, to keep you steady while working. Don’t forget to wear protective gloves while cleaning glass panes.

Telescoping rod with a mop attachment

If you don’t want to use a ladder, consider renting or buying a telescoping rod with a mop attachment. It helps to clean windows that are harder to reach, without leaving the ground. It is the safest option! Make sure the rod doesn’t get caught on any low-hanging wires.

Remove the Windows

If you are renovating the workspace, consider using office cleaning services, to get rid of stubborn paint marks and excess dust. You can also remove the windows for effective cleaning.

Are Magnetic Window Cleaners helpful?

Are Magnetic Window Cleaners helpful?

Magnetic window cleaners may seem the best option in the list, but it has flaws! These tools involve a magnet to connect two sponges on either surface of the glass. But the glass thickness can make the magnets separate or scratch the window glass if the magnetic force is too strong. This method isn’t that efficient as it appears.

Professional Office Cleaning in London

Untrained people & even regular cleaners are prone to ladder mishaps. You might not even know if you are scared of heights and start feeling dizzy at the top.

Moreover, it is a tedious task that takes time and a lot of energy! It is better to leave cleaning those high, hard-to-reach windows to professionals, like Ecoserve Cleaning.

Ecoserve Window Cleaning Service provides-

  • All window cleaning options
  • Certified cleaning services
  • Fully qualified cleaners
  • Competitive pricing
  • Rapid response to customers queries
  • 5 million liability cover
  • Use of purified water only
  • Activities carried as per health and safety standards
  • Over 15 years of experience

For more details, visit their website!


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