Hair Toppers: The 4 Important Aspects You Need To Know

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Hair loss or thinning hair is a problem and frustration that can affect your beauty. This condition of the hair often starts from the top of the head. An effective way to reduce baldness or thinning hair is to use a hair topper. Hair toppers are also called wiglets, hairpieces, or closure sew in. The topper consists of a hair clip that can be attached to your hair, which also acts as a supplement to the workout.

The Benefits of Hair Toppers

If you are exposed to chemotherapy, androgenetic alopecia, bald spots, aging, or other similar medications and hair conditions that promote baldness, you can hide baldness or thinning hair from the hair follicles. It can also add more hair to the top of the head and the rest of your scalp.

Hair Toppers VS Wigs

Both hair toppers and wigs can cover and protect the head while enhancing your beauty and appearance.

However, they are definitely different from each other. Below is information about some short hair tops and wigs.

  1. Head coverage

Part of your head is included in the top topper, especially in the upper part of your head. Meanwhile, wigs can cover your head completely. On the other hand, wigs are quite uncomfortable in summer because you can feel hot and very hot.

  • Appearance

Looks more natural than a topper wig. This is because the topper must blend in with the existing hair color. In addition, he has a realistic scalp so no one will see that you are wearing a driver above your head.

  • Material

Good toppers and wigs can be made from heat-resistant scientific hair.

  • Color.

Wigs are made in different colors. Like natural dark brown, black, blonde, among others. Similarly, these colors appear in the topper.

  • How to use

Wigs can be charged using a wig hat or handle below. Meanwhile, the peak of hair can be charged using the clip attached to the existing hair.

  • Cost

The wig is more expensive than the toppers because the length is full and bigger than the topper.

How to choose a hair topper

There are a large number of hair tops available in the market, so there are a few things to keep in mind before choosing them.

  1. Stage hair loss

Before purchasing Wiggle, you should know what are the stages of your hair loss. Hair falls out in three stages, early stage, progressive stage, and advanced stage.

While at the progressive stage, hair loss makes the scalp visible, so at this stage you will have to use a medium to the large topper.

  • Base type.

After knowing the stage of hair loss where you are, you can measure and find out the location of the hair loss area. In terms of your hair, especially thinning on the section, you must choose the monofilament construction where the base is formed by connecting each hair into a soft mesh material.

  • Hair, length, and color material

Therefore, you must choose synthetic hair or human hair, which allows you to arrange like your own hair using a heated styling tool. Of course, the peak color must be closer to your hair color, however, in some circumstances, you might not be able to find the right shade.

How to use a haircut

To wear a hair topper, first, you have to prepare and position it. You have to open the clip located below the peak then place the top front edge in about one to two inches of your hairline. Next, position it right above the hair loss area and then tighten the front clip.


Hair toppers can not only make you beautiful, but they are also functional because they can hide baldness or thinning hair. In addition, you can choose from a variety of wiglets that can add volume to your hair and change the color, improve the way you see. There are no more worries about hair loss.


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