Guide to Wood Pellet Mill Machine – What it is and how does it Work?

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With massive development in biomass energy production, there are various technologies and machines available to turn biomass materials into heat and electricity. That’s where the wood pellet machine comes into play, allowing you to convert raw materials into efficient biomass fuel.

What’s more? The produced final product can help facilitate transportation, storage, and ease of use through the rest of the value chain. It’s time to replace the traditional fuel sources with biomass fuel to contribute more towards sustainability and stand a good chance to nurture your business. This means a wood pellet mill machine can bring a positive change in our lives and multiple industries.

This guide will help you gain a clear understanding of what wood pellet mill exactly is and how does it work. Let’s begin!

What is Wood Pellet Machine?

A wood pellet making machine is a highly efficient pellet machine used for processing raw materials like sawdust, peanut shell, wood, straw, leaves, and more. There are two kinds of pellet mill available in the market i.e., flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill.

No matter what the size of raw materials, pellet size can be easily customized with the hammer mill, and later, the final product is transferred to packages for optimum usage across diverse industries.

How Wood Pellets are Produced?

While a small pellet mill is easy to handle and fulfill household requirements, a complete plant is used in factories for large-scale production. With a homemade wood pellet mill, you can produce wood pellets and other sources of fuel by yourself for home heating, fireplace, and other purposes.

In comparison to a homemade pellet mill, a complete pellet plant has a large capacity. The raw materials are processed at first and the hammer mill cut the raw materials into small pieces in the same sizes. Later, these raw materials transfer to the dryer through a conveying belt. In the end, these pellets will be cooled and put into storage for optimum usage.

Here are 5 working steps of a wood pellet making machine:

  1. Shredded to the required size– The crusher is used to make and sort the raw materials, well-equipped for large diameter raw materials.
  2. Reduce the moisture content– The dryer is used to remove the extra moisture content. Raw materials that are less than 10% are ideal for pelletizing.
  3. Pelletizing– Mixed and pressing is done using a wood pellet machine and hence, quality wood pellets are produced.
  4. Cooling– Wood pellets are extremely hot when they are carried out. It is good to use forced cooling of the air-cooled silo to make them cool and easy to handle.
  5. Packaging– Now is the stage to pour the cooled pellets into bags and keep them in a dry, ventilated area to protect the final product from moisture.

Benefits of Using Wood Pellets as a Fuel

Wood pellets are an excellent choice for heating. It is a great alternative to coal, fossil fuel, natural gas, and electricity. So, when you have wood in a large quantity, it is viable to make wood pellets and use them as a source of fuel. Advantages include:

  • High thermal value
  • High combustion efficiency
  • Renewable resources
  • Clean and green energy
  • Safety and sustainability
  • Small size, making it easy to transport and store

Wrapping Up

A wood pellet machine is an effective way to turn sawdust, wood chips, and wood shavings into wood pellets. Since it is a cost-effective and sustainable investment, it is smart to take a step towards the wood pelleting business.


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