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We come across thousands of hashtags and backlinks in our daily life that unknowingly creates an urge to revisit these pages. Well, that the power of social media!

The illuminated pictures and taglines are catchy enough to make a reader swoon over a particular product.

There are instances where a single lipstick or a pen can go viral among the youths. So, how does the process work?

The answer lies in our smart devices, i.e., ‘the power of social media shares’. Originally designed to bring people from all around the world closer to each other, it gradually turned into a brand-building platform.

Multiple business franchises use the benefits of social media share to grab the top spot in SERPs and local SEO. The end results are increased sale and lucrative marketing growth.

If you are a brand owner trying to use the power of tweets, Instagram posts, pins, and more, here are some tips to garner the limelight.

How to create followers for a business via social media?

  1. Take the help of your followers

Irrespective of the size of the business, every brand or product seller must try to persuade the followers. The best way to increase your post’s share scale is by asking the interested folks for tags and shares. You can even run a contest or quiz and set a price for the same.

For example, for a beauty hamper, you cause a pop-up that says, ” To make this beauty hamper yours, don’t forget to share our post on your status”. Additionally, you can ask them to tag three or four friends.

  1. Incorporate social sharing buttons

Social Buttons

In this picture, the red box shows the social media handles of Das Writing Services that redirect users to company websites.

Scrolling down your social media handles, you might have come across pages with sharing buttons. This is a visually impactful process of generating more site visitors. Adding vibrant and colorful social share buttons would land the user on a landing page at the end of the content. In this regard, don’t forget to add evoking elements like call to action, urgency, etc. Also, create unique sizes, shapes, and formats before placing the share button.

  1. Create unique share-worthy content

Want more social shares? Start writing more! The basic principle to reducing bounce rate and increasing the CTR is writing informative blogs and articles. However, merely compiling data won’t give your audience the gist they desire. So put effort into adding innovative elements, perfect keywords, bullet points, new formatting techniques, whacky font style, and more.

In this regard, it is important to know that adding black-hat techniques can push your site to a blacklist row. Avoid such a nuisance for a better share graph or simply hire a top content writing company.

  1. Give your visitor’s irresistible offers

This suggestion may seem cliché, but presents and offers are the best way to win internet users’ attention. You can start by giving free samples, vouchers, coupons as people may find your site genuine. Actively answering queries and replying to the comments can also work wonders.


This image is an excellent example of generating more consumers. The brand offers coupon codes and shop now button.

  1. Generate eye-catching headlines

When searching for information in Google, our eyes scan for the best headlines. Though the fact seems humourous, human psychology works that way. It is a proven fact that a post rapidly gains more social media share with an enticing headline. Ideally, the best headline must include numbers, power words, urgency, cliffhangers, twists, and more. Should I Buy DSLR Camera In 2021

  1. Try influencer or celebrity marketing

Influencer marketing is a vital part of social media share, enhancing a brand’s visibility via blogs, videos, social media post, and vlogs. An influencer or celebrity generates income by creating content for the audience.


This South Korean brand targeted the youngsters by making Kpop group BTS their brand ambassador. Through this company can generate revenue from both social media posts and product sales.

Making a contract with such influencers can be lucrative for sharing the company name and its USP to broader masses. You can also ask the celebrity to post a review video for the same and watch it generate double revenue.

These are the top six ways to help a business owner increase social media share without hassle. Follow these steps and generate revenue by reaching a wider masses.


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