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One Plus 8 is a fabulous phone indeed. And if you have it, you are real lucky. But have you thought of protecting your expensive phone with an ideal One plus 8 cover? You probably wouldn’t have because people generally don’t. Now to make you more aware and be a step ahead of the world, we have a very essential guide on how to buy your one plus 8 cover at the comfort of your home.

Yes you don’t have to go to the stores and check out every case model as we have shortlisted some best sites which will help you find the best mobile covers online. Read further to know more.

What are the online websites you should be considering?

  1. Flipkart

Flipkart has some amazing options for One plus 8 phone covers. Ranging from 100 to 2500, you will find all types of covers here. This wide price range helps you decide your budget and opens up a lot of options for buying the perfect cover. The reviews and ratings of the products are genuine make sure to check that before making a purchase.

  1. BeYoung

You might not have heard of this one quite often but it is a site worth checking out. If you are a teenager or a really cool adult, BeYoung does exactly what it says. They have some really cool graphic designed back covers at a maximum price of just 250 bucks! Fiction to chocolates, comics to abstract, they have everything you’ll need to make your One plus 8 look coolest.

  1. Bewakoof

The brand which has left teenagers drooling over has amazing phone covers too. You can expect them to be cute, quirky and graphic designed but it also has decent and subtle covers with modest patterns and floral designs. They are again really low priced but they do not promise any sort of protection standards. They are more for showcasing but worth a try at such a low price.

  1. Daily objects

This is a site you want if you are concerned about the type, material, protection test and usage of your oneplus 8 cover than just the aesthetics. The designs of the covers on this site might be too heavy or too simple, more on the metal side, but they are of supreme quality, You can choose from glass, leather, etc. One thing you should know is that they are a bit expensive compared to other sites but quality comes for a price

  1. The Greed Store

This site is on the newer side too but it’s got amazing designs and cool graphics on its phone covers. Starting at 345, the covers are reasonably priced and the designs are just spectacular. You can find some case designs related to philosophy, travel, décor, nature and everything pure. It gives a fresh vibe to your One plus 8 and definitely, a best choice to make.

  1. Amazon

You can never go wrong with this one. Amazon has cover options, probably not as  many as other fancy sites, but whatever you buy will not be questionable. Not implying that amazon has everything best, but the ratings, customer reviews, product description, etc is so precise and clear that you actually get what the product is going to look like and be like. Once you’ve got that confidence, things will work out for sure. You probably won’t find trendy and quirky covers here but if quality matters, this is what you should consider.

  1. One plus store

This is the official website of One Plus.  When buying here, you don’t even have to think about anything except design and colour of your cover. The best thing about buying covers from the parent store is that the fit is exact; there are absolutely no chances that the cover won’t fit your one plus phone or the ports and jacks won’t be properly demarcated. Also, One Plus does have limited options but whatever they got, they have the best. Something you can blindly trust


We shall leave you here to decide what to do. We have given almost every viable option to you to buy the perfect mobile cover online. You just have to find the perfect one for your one plus 8 cover


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