How to Setup Google Cloud Print on your HP Printer

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New printer models are platform-independent and easy to set up. Earlier, printers could be used on only PCs. Today you can easily connect your printer to the phone devices. The user can configure the printer to phone and then he can easily take the printouts. But the user has to set up the HP device for Google Cloud Print. Once you set the printer with Google Cloud Print then you can easily take printouts using a phone device.

Setting up Google Cloud Print on HP printer

  1. Users will require a Gmail or Google account
  2. Open Google Chrome 
  3. Tap on the settings (three vertical dots)
  4. Search Cloud Print option
  5. Now choose Manage Cloud Print 
  6. Connected printers will be displayed
  7. Select HP device
  8. Select Add Printers 
  9. Check the boxes and choose Add Printer 

Hit on Manage Your Printers option and now your HP printer is set with cloud print. 

Steps for taking printouts using Google Cloud Print on HP Printer

Once you have set the printer with an HP device, you should try to take a printout. 

  1. Go to your Drive and select the Printers from the menu
  2. Choose Add a Cloud Ready Printer
  3. Users will get Google Print tab
  4. Check available printers list
  5. Select your HP Printer
  6. Now open the page you want to print on Chrome
  7. Hit the Menu icon
  8. Select the Print button
  9. Tap on the Change option
  10. Select your HP printer
  11. Now you can make the changes on the print; like margins, orientation, etc
  12. Choose Print button

Now your HP printer will give you the printouts. 

Unable to take Google Cloud Print with HP Printer

Some people face errors while using HP printers with phone devices. Once the user connects his HP printer with Google Cloud then he can take the printouts with any phone device. But sometimes, users make some settings errors and the printer can’t work. Whenever the HP printer shows an error, you should check for possible reasons and fix them immediately.

Check the Ink Cartridge

While using the printer with the phone, if you are getting an HP Printer Error 0xc18a0206 then you have to check the ink cartridge. This issue appears when the ink level is very low. The user has to get a new cartridge for his printer. Install new HP printer cartridge on the device and then try to take printouts using Cloud print. If the HP device can’t find your printer then reinstall it. Clean the contact pins and then reinstall the printer. Once the printer gets the cartridges, you can take the printouts with the HP device easily.

Reset your HP Printer

When the user can’t find the error on the settings; go for reset. After resetting, configure and set the HP device correctly. When you perform the factory reset, the settings will be restored. However, the language and page count won’t reset.

  1. Go to your HP printer and shut it down
  2. Remove your power cable from the printer
  3. Wait about a minute and reconnect the power cable 
  4. Power on the HP device and press the Resume button for a while
  5. Attention lamp will glow
  6. Release your HP resume button

Attention and the ready lamp will blink while resetting the HP printer. Once the HP is reset, again add the printer to Google Cloud Print and then try to take your printouts.

Use HP Print Service Plugin

When your HP Printer is now working with Cloud Print then try the HP plugin. Like a PC, you can install the printer driver on the phone device. HP offers a plugin for Android devices. 

  1. Open the Android phone and click on Play Store
  2. Search for HP Print Service Plugin
  3. Choose the correct application and tap on Install
  4. Open the document or photo
  5. Tap on Settings
  6. Choose Print option
  7. You will see the available printers
  8. Choose your HP printer

Confirm the printer and then make changes on paper size etc. Tap the Print option and now your HP printer will give you the required printout. 

Scan your Phone for Malware Infection

You can face errors while printing if the phone has viruses. When the user sends the print command, viruses interrupt the command and your printer can’t read it. You have to remove all viruses from your phone. Now restart the phone and then try to take a printout with the HP printer. 


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