Good Slimming Tights – How to Choose the Right One

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Tights are an accessory that, if properly selected, will help to highlight and emphasize the beauty of your legs. Today, almost all the manufacturers of tights and stockings offer more than a dozen varieties, including nylon tights, opaque tights, black tights, and much more. This means that the varieties of tights exist in different versions of density, different in design, and difference in purpose. Tights can be regular or special – to create various effects especially supporting the leg or shaping the figure. If you’re searching for tights to give a slimming look to your legs, then here are some tips for choosing the best tights UK.

There are three main types of tightening tights:

  • supporting – Support;
  • contouring – Body Contouring;
  • corrective – Body-shaping, Push-up.

1. Support Tights

These are tights with a low degree of tightening. They have a gradient compression- high at the bottom and gradually decrease towards the waist. The best compression tights are those where the top is tight enough to hide the belly, and the bottom helps fight leg swelling and prevent varicose veins. Ideally, these tights also have a massage effect. 

Supportive tights are relevant for everyday wear, especially for those who spend a lot of time on their feet. They usually go well with any type of casual wear because they come in various colors and designs such as black tights, nylon tights, red tights, etc. 

But it should be kept in mind that even the best compression tights of this type are unlikely to give the effect of losing weight by more than one size.

2. Body Contouring

These tights have a higher degree of tightening than the previous ones. With them, you can visually lose weight by 1-2 sizes. The peculiarity of these tights is in areas of increased density, which helps to give the figure more relief.  

These particular types of tights are meant to shape your figure and give a slimming effect to the body. As a rule, it is very easy to understand the effect produced by these tights- just look at the packaging. 

All the compacted zones and their directions are schematically indicated on the instructions. You can wear these tights both for everyday wear and for going out. Do not forget that for tight-fitting clothes, you need to choose tight with an inconspicuous flat seam. It is recommended to first try on tights to see if the compacted inserts create too sharp transitions. 

3. Corrective Tights

These tights are able to transform the figure, or we can say reshape it. Due to the thickened top, they can visually reduce the waist by 2-4 sizes. In the presence of corrective areas on the hips, they are excellent at getting rid of breeches. And its special semicircular shape helps lift the buttocks. 

Best tights UK will help you get the perfect shape without diets and simulators- but always keep in mind that wearing extremely slimming regularly can harm your body. A strong degree of tightening is more likely for evening celebrations or any special occasions when you need to look stunning. 

When buying the best tights UK, it is very important to choose tight with a flat seam- both for invisibility under clothes and for greater comfort. Also, it is recommended to choose the one that matched exactly in size to give the desired look. 

Thus for ladies with minor problems, compression tights will be the best choice for every day- it will not only smooth out figures flaws but also helps the legs feel better. With the noticeable problems, it is worth choosing contouring tights that work in the right areas of your body. 

Well, for special occasions, you should definitely add corrective tights to your wardrobe, which will turn your body into an ideal in a matter of minutes.

You can find the best tights UK of any of these three types in an online store. Now you do not need to look for suitable tights at local stores, just pick your phone and buy tights of your choice anytime, anywhere in just a few clicks.


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