Glass constructions

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Glass partition dubai is the material that is currently at the peak of popularity due to its environmental friendliness, safety, attractive appearance and functionality. Today it is used to make:

  • Floors and ceilings;
  • Ladders;
  • Visors and awnings ;
  • Entrance, interior and shower doors ;
  • Fences and  partitions ;
  • Pavilions and much more.

All of the above structures are made of special tempered glass or triplex glass. It looks aesthetically pleasing in any modern room, giving it lightness and airiness. The advantage of glass products is also considered a panoramic view, which opens up to the city or nature. This will not only give the room a zest, but also make it brighter and more comfortable.


Purchase of glass products on the website of the “Glass Mirror” online store

Glass Mirror is considered to be one of the best domestic companies engaged in the production of high-quality glass structures. Experts have more than 12 years of experience, so they can offer customers not only finished products, but also the opportunity to create a structure according to an individual sketch. The price of such an order will depend on the complexity of the design and the area of ​​application. I am also glad that the production of goods takes a minimum of time. Before you can blink an eye, you can already enjoy the magnificent view of the new glass structure. Buying the desired product is no less simple and fast. First of all, you need to decide on the model and place an online order

on the website of the online store After that, design engineers will make you a free projection of the finished product. Thus, you can see in advance how it will look in your home and, possibly, make some edits. It is also worth noting that the final version will definitely be made of high quality glass, so you will definitely be satisfied with the result.


Interior solutions for glass structures

Glass perfectly suits interiors of various styles:


  • The classic design with glass structures looks light and original. At the same time, glass decorates and creates a transparent atmosphere.
  • Eco style. For such an interior, glass is an irreplaceable material, like wood and stone. It is harmless, does not emit toxic substances, and also goes well with other materials.
  • High tech. Glass in combination with chrome-plated metal is the basis of high-tech style. In such an interior, it is used everywhere.
  • Minimalism. In a space in a minimalist style, glass products allow you to competently place accents, divide the room without overloading it.


Distinctive features of glass structures

Glass makes the interior modern, fashionable, sophisticated, fills it with light and air. The ecological material is completely harmless. He does not lose his qualities over the years, does not change shape, and is not afraid of corrosion and other environmental phenomena.

The uniqueness of the use of the material in the interior is due to a number of advantages, one of which is the visual expansion of boundaries. Given the small size of modern apartments and offices, this is an indisputable advantage in comparison with other materials.

Another advantage of glass is its versatility. In addition to traditional uses – dishes, vases, windows – glass is used in decoration, creating doors, partitions, stairs and even furniture.

An important characteristic of glass partition for shower is the introduction of light, lightness, and warmth into the interior. This is very important for rooms with limited space and low ceilings. Using such structures, you can significantly increase the level of natural light.


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