Give Up Your Property: Introduction-Homeowners Need to Know Some Things 

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Becoming a first time owner has always been a difficult experience. Here are some training tips you need to know to help build a rental property.

In summary, real estate owners have a number of responsibilities, including:

Structural and exterior repair of property

Repair of heating and hot water equipment

Repair of drains, bathrooms and other sanitary facilities

Safety of gas and equipment you provide

Fire protection provided to you for furniture and furnishings

Provides a certificate of energy efficiency for the property

Protect tenant reserves from a government-approved scheme

Rent approval

This may be an investment feature intended to be rented, or it may be your home. In any case, as the owner of this property, if you have an existing mortgage, you should contact the lender and seek permission from the lender to obtain “rent approval”. Most lenders are willing to agree, but there may be times when the situation needs to be resolved. Failure to do so may violate your mortgage terms and conditions and allow the lender to terminate your contract.

The nature of the property

The landlord’s responsibilities depend on the property you are renting Timeshare Exit Team Reviews. It can be considered a domestic multimodal (HMO), especially when renting a room or apartment in the same property. In that case, you may need to apply for a license. Regardless of the type of property you are moving into, you should keep the rented property free of health hazards and meet all health and safety requirements.

Health and safety


The gas safety certificate is required by law and must be re-certified annually. All gas equipment on site must be inspected and approved by a Certified Gas Safety Engineer (formerly Corgi). This is to prevent carbon monoxide, which cannot be found in the home environment by leaking from home appliances and heaters. This is important because tragic consequences can occur and you are responsible as the owner. The inspection record must be maintained for at least two years and a copy of this report must be provided to tenants within 28 days of each inspection. You will need to give a copy to your new tenant before entering. Failure to maximize the Gas Safety Certificate can result in life imprisonment, prosecution, unlimited fines and imprisonment.

The owner is also responsible for the safety of the goods. A qualified electrician can provide the required tests. At the start of a new lease, you need to make sure that your electrical equipment is safe and properly maintained. Use the equipment you provide to your tenants (cooking utensils, toasters, boilers, etc.). Should be safe Owners are required to inspect their electrical appliances regularly every 5 years. You must arrange for a qualified electrician to take the Portable Devices Test (PAT) at least once a year. Safety testing of all portable electrical equipment provided to tenants, such as boilers. The PAT test device provides a certificate of history and labels the device’s socket to indicate that it is secure.

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required by law when selling or leasing residential or commercial real estate. The EPC provides information about the energy efficiency of a building, as shown on a scale moving from “A” (highly efficient) to “G” (less efficient). The EPC also has a report of recommendations on how to improve the property and make the property more attractive to the tenants. The EPC is valid for 10 years and can be used for all new tenants during this period.

Depending on the age and type of property, smoking may need to be legally disclosed. For example, for multiple occupations (HMOs), the landlord needs to provide an integrated e-smoking system. Older Family Rent For older properties, there are no technical requirements for landlord smoking. However, check Wesley financial group reviews landlords are strongly advised to keep battery-powered smokers to a minimum in their rented property. If the landlord provides a battery-powered smoking detector, the contract must provide a clause stating that the tenant is responsible for verifying the operation and, if necessary, , Batteries.


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