Getting the best Medium Density Polyethylene Pipe in India

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What is medium density polyethylene pipe? This question may have crossed your mind if you’re not an expert in water pipes. You may wonder what the significance of this term is, since there are other pipe types out there. If you don’t know anything about pipes, though, it may sound like an interesting question to you. So, let’s take a closer look at this material.

Properties of this pipe

MDPE is a flexible and durable type of plastic. It can be used for both heating and cooling water and is popularly used as pipes for plumbing systems.

A medium density polyethylene pipe, also known as MDPE, is made up of 24 %polyvinyl chloride and 42% ethylene. It’s different from typical polyvinyl chloride pipes because it has a much higher melting point and is resistant to breaking down in extreme temperatures.

medium density polyethylene pipe

Unique features of mdpe pipe

If you have ever been near a natural gas or natural-gas line that is almost completely buried underground, you have probably seen what MDPE looks like. While it can’t be seen, you can feel its presence. Once it becomes airborne, it floats on the surface of the water or gas and then breaks down into tiny particles.

Since the substance is very flexible, it can easily go back into its original liquid state once it gets back into the atmosphere.

It is because of its qualities that many companies have started to use this material for gas and water pipelines.

Why to use natural gas pipeline?

You may be wondering why anyone would use something like this for a gas pipeline. There are actually several good reasons.

The biggest reason is because it is cost efficient. It can cost as much as fifteen times less to use a natural gas pipeline than it does to build one out of medium density polyethylene pipe.

With the right additives, it can also resist corrosion and rust. And since it can handle temperatures of up to two hundred degrees, it is very efficient at producing heat.

Types of mdpe pipe

There are two different types of medium density polyethylene pipe, flat hdpe and round hdpe. Each is used for a particular application.

Round MDPE is usually used for sewer gas and water lines. Flat hdpe is commonly used for heating and cooling systems and is very flexible.

How to make mdpe pipe?

One application that many people don’t think about is converting an old natural gas or propane water pipe to become a medium density polyethylene (MDPE) pipe.

Converting an old gas or propane water line is something that can be accomplished quite easily. First you would need to take out the old pipe, and cut it straight with a hacksaw. Then you would attach it to a piece of rebar and bolt it in place.

While this might seem like a lot of work, it is actually relatively simple and not too expensive. If you have an old gas or propane water line that is just sitting around, there really isn’t a lot of cost involved.

medium density polyethylene pipe

At last,

If you decide to go with the flat hdpe, it will ideally cost about thirty dollars per foot. It’s not bad money, and it certainly won’t break the bank. So if your water main gets shut off, but you still have a gas line, converting your gas or propane line to medium density PE pipe is an easy way to get warm, hot water without spending a fortune on new pipes.

Most companies nowadays, come out and give you some estimates on what it will cost you to complete the job of installing medium density polyethylene pipe.  You should always look for one that is reliable like . After all, you will have piping that is much cleaner, safe, and efficient.


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