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Asset Management presents insurmountable opportunities when done right. The first step to optimizing your Asset management is to understand the bottlenecks and challenges in the process.

There are several challenges and that technicians in enterprises face when it comes to Asset Management. The most frequent and most challenging is choosing the right asset. Unless you do not have the right set of people, resources, and capital, you will never be able to take your production to its optimum value.

Even when technicians have the right asset, they still face problems reducing the production downtime of their industry product life cycle. Reduction in downtime is associated with reduced cost and enhanced happiness index of the enterprise.

Knowing when to replace your assets is another bottleneck in Enterprise Asset Management. This one is crucial as it does not have any specific and definite answer. The durability of assets depends upon several factors which differ for every enterprise.

Other factors that define enterprises’ working and that technicians find challenging taking care of are managing costs and finding the systematic approach based upon accurate and actionable information.

Moast4: Enterprise Mobile Asset Management Solution

Moast4 is the best Mobile Asset Management solution available in the market. As a primary goal of minimizing maintenance wrench time and asset uptime, Moast4 has become popular among stakeholders, technicians, and SAP mobile work managers over a brief period.

Moast4 has a modem and easy-to-use interface that provides powerful offline capabilities, in-built device monitoring features, Bar-code/RFID support, camera integration, etc. Moast4 can also seamlessly integrate with any other third-party solution. Let us look at what makes Moast4 the best mobile asset solution available to us.

What makes Moast4 the best enterprise mobile asset solution?

We read about the challenges in mobile asset management solutions. Moast4 answers every bottleneck in the process. With features like Inspection, work order, and Spare Parts management, Moast4 completes the void that challenges create and even enhances the efficiency of the process.

Seamless Integration with other systems enables important tasks like permit management, EHS, GPS, maps, document management, and attendance management. Let us look in detail at what makes Moast4 the best!

Power Enterprise-Class Platform of Moast4

Moast4 comes with a solid enterprise-class platform. The platform is robust, secure from any threats, scalable for large operations, and supports several applications. It can easily be integrated into multiple devices and operating systems. Technicians can even customize data fields based on their requirements.

Moast4 works seamlessly Offline.

Moast4 has one of the most sophisticated applications that work seamlessly offline and online. It automatically syncs up when the connectivity is available, and it auto-saves without halting its core functions in the middle when there is no connectivity.

Moast4 comes with Multiple Integrated Mobile Device features.

Moast4 provides authenticated picture capture, mobile reports, customizable notifications, BarCode/ RFID, document management, GPS, and Maps. It increases technicians’ capability to draw out intelligent decisions by providing every piece of crucial information.


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