Get Rid Of These 5 Methods to Get Succeed In Custom Postcard Printing

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Communication via premium postcards is becoming highly popular in the market these days. This is because these cards do not need to pack in an envelope. Moreover, they also increase the visual appeal of your mail, as they are printable. Postcards printing can done via multiple effective methods. You must select the suitable one to make your graphics more attention grabbing. However, some errors regarding this printing are common these days. The following are five of the errors that must avoided in this regard.

Unsuitable Postcard Material:

Choosing the right material is a matter of prime concern for postcard printing companies. This is because if the material is not suitable, you may face many problems while printing things on the postcards. Cardboard material has great significance in this regard. This is because this type of material lets the ink stick firmly to it.

In this way, postcards that made up of this material can used to deliver your message for a longer duration. Moreover, the ink does not spread on the surface of the cardboard that allows you to imprint sharp patterns and textures on them without any discomfort. The reliability of this material has great significance in maintaining the glory of your postcards. However, if unsuitable material is used, your postcards may not be impressive for the viewers.

Inappropriate Printing Technique:

Choosing the most suitable printing technique for printed postcards online is a matter of prime importance for the companies. This is because if the printing technique is not suitable, the charm of your postcards may not last long. Premium postcards printing has great significance in this regard. This is because it an excellent technique that makes your graphic more visible on the surface of cardboard and paper.

A mesh used in this method to transfer the inks on the surface. The ink sticks firmly to cardboard or paperboard that increases their functionality. The option of digital printing is also available in this regard. In this printing method, a computerized system used to process the illustrations and textures that printed on the surface of cardboard with the help of an inkjet or a laser printer. However, some other options are available in the market that you must avoid if you want your premium postcards to look amazing.

Old and Faulty Equipment:

The equipment has a great importance while you print custom postcards online. This is because if faulty machines are used, you may face many printing issues. As an example, if an inkjet printer is being used in this regard, you must make sure that it is not too old. This is because old tools not considered to suitable for the printing of postcards in bulk.

They may choke or show errors while performing the task. They must be kept clean to avoid any damage due to dust particles. They must also be kept in an appropriate environment that avoids exposing them to a dirty atmosphere. Environmental moisture must also be blocked, as it acts as a corrosive substance for such tools.

Poor Quality Ink:

Choosing the right quality ink for printed postcards online has become necessary. This is because if the ink is not appropriate and of poor quality, your graphics and texts will not stick to the surface for a long duration. In this way, your message will delivered to the people appropriately. Hence, you must pay good attention while selecting ink for your postcards. Solvent-based ink has great significance in this regard.

However, it is more suitable for the cardboard that laminated with a glossy sheet. On the other hand, water-based or oil-based ink is more appropriate for porous cardboard. You can also consider the eco-friendliness of the ink while choosing your postcard because people mostly like to order custom postcards online from a platform that promotes eco-friendliness. Soy-based inks can be highly advantageous in this regard instead of petroleum-based ink.

Non-Fitting Text and Graphics:

Adding suitable text and graphics to the postcards can play an important role in impressing the recipients. Therefore, you must avoid printing inappropriate text and graphics on the cards. You must add a suitable phrase on them that justifies the cause. Moreover, you should also pay good attention to the typography of the text. If typography is not suitable, the viewers may find issues in reading your message. The graphical illustrations and images must also be relevant.

If the cards used to convey regards and wishes for a certain event, the illustrations must be eye-catching and relatable to the special occasion. Appropriate jumbo postcards printing has become highly important in delivering mails and communicating with people over a long distance. This is because it is considered to be a cost-efficient method. However, five errors of this printing must avoided to make it more effective.

You must select the right material to make postcards on which the ink can stick firmly. Printing techniques should also be suitable so that you do not find any problem and graphics look more visible on the surface. Old and faulty equipment must be avoided. Otherwise, you may face many problems. You should also avoid poor quality ink so that the printing can be done appropriately.


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