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A web portal is a well-known and designed website that will bring all the information. A portal is designed in such a way that will help to search, display information, and deal with emails uniformly. There is a thin line between a website and a portal. Websites deal with driving traffic, portals specify the limited traffic and help you to log in to deliver specific content and services. There are various types of portals in this we will talk about portal MCGM. What is the MCGM portal and how is it useful for Mumbai people?

What is the MCGM portal?

MCGM is known as the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. The other name of the MCGM portal is BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation which is BMC. The portal MCGM deals with water supply in Mumbai. It is one of the highest-ranking portals in the entire world. The department of MCGM is supported by the hydraulic engineer department. The hydraulic engineering department is one of the oldest departments of the MCGM portal. Mumbai city is well known to get water supply from 7 different lakes and dams. The dams and reservoirs from where water is collected are Tulsi, Tansa, Modak Sagar, Middle Vaitarna, etc. are a few names.

How to use a digital platform for paying bills?

Bills Paying method for portal MCGM is very easy. You can take help from an online source and proceed Further. In this pandemic situation, you might be facing problems paying the bill. No need to panic when an online platform is on the way. Just follow some steps and you are done with billing.

  • First, you have to go through the website of the MCGM portal. The website is
  • Select the Water bill option of Mumbai. You have to select the payment mode.
  • Enter connection number or RR number to pay the correct amount.
  • Click on the proceed button and pay the necessary amount. Just after paying the payable amount you can check your mobile number. You will get an OTP after your payment is successful.
  • You have the option of credit card, debit card, UPI, net banking.

These are simple steps you can proceed to pay the online bill of water supply in Mumbai.

How is Abhay Yojana related to the MCGM portal?

What is Abhay Yojana 2021? This Yojana is launched by the Mumbai government to recover the pending bills in Maharashtra state. This Yojana was introduced in 2021 for the benefit of the people and government. The surgical hike of COVID-19 in 2021 had drastically forced the Maharashtra government to extend this scheme till 31st December 2021. To rectify the portal MCGM Maharashtra government has taken the necessary steps to provide some relief related to the water scheme. The main objective of the scheme was to waive off the water bill. The department induced in this was BMC. The BMC department recovers a particular amount of rupees 110 crores from this scheme.

How to avail Abhay Yojana?

To get the benefit you need to follow certain criteria. Online registration is a must for this  Yojana in Mumbai. Few steps are given below which will guide you through the process for online registration under the scheme.

  • For bill payments like water bills, property bills visit the MCGM website.
  • Choose the homepage and select Abhay yojana date extension and read the notification in detail.
  • After reading the notification, the player pays a payment for the water bill. 
  • In the registration form you need to enter bill detail, reference number of the bill, payment amount.
  • Make your payment and in your mobile number, you will get the transaction for the water bill.

More facts about the MCGM portal

In portal MCGM you can get water supply at your home. This is only available for Mumbai people. The total water received by Mumbai people on a daily basis is 4000 million liters of water.

You can complain and give feedback on their particular website. Suppose you have an issue with the payment method you can contact the Bank of Baroda payment gateway by sending an email. Similarly, the State Bank of India payment gateway by sending an email. For technical issues, you can visit the MCGM water bill citizens portal. You are free to give feedback on their particular website as well.

The rules of water charge

We know about property tax, what are the rules and a significant part. Similar cases with water charges in the MCGM portal. They provide 150 liters of water per person for domestic use. They will charge rupees 5 per thousand liters from you. The calculation of water is dependent on the number of persons in a house. The simple rules of water charges are applied in portal MCGM. No hard formula and calculation is required to maintain the calculations.


Hard to survive, easy to digest the water supply in this pandemic situation. Read this in detail to get clarification about portal MCGM.


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