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Dealing with one skin issue is not something new and big deal these days, as everyone is prone to skin issues. Numerous people complain of wrinkles, pimples, acne, aging signs, uneven skin tone, and whatnot. But what matters is how you deal with those. 

Due to lack of time, people have drawn towards getting various facials available these days peculiar to their skin condition. Within some time only, you get to witness such amazing skin by resorting to such facials. One such facial that has made people go crazy over it is the PRP facial. Some people also know it by the name of vampire facial. 

But while getting such a facial, do not leave everything to the dermatologist. If you want to get the best results, you need to abide by the before and aftercare instructions for the prp facial. Let us learn both the instructions to assure you the best results. 

PRP facial 

By helping people get rid of wrinkles, uneven skin, and getting young skin, PRP facial treatment is a great facial treatment in itself. Not only this, it has helped many people heal from their skin-related worries. If you also want to restore the lost glow of your skin, then nothing can suit you other than a PRP facial. But to get the full worth of the money spent so far, you have to look after your skin and take great care of it. Later on, you can see the PRP facial before and after pictures to know more about it. 

PRP facial- before instructions 

Here are some of the pre-care instructions for you before availing of the PRP facial. 

Have light meal 

Many dermatologists advise having a light meal before you head towards having the facial. You need to stay hydrated on the day you get your facial. It is said that your blood is taken during the PRP facial, so you should stay hydrated throughout. Usually, the amount is more for the ones donating the blood. This will also prevent you from feeling dizzy after the treatment. Consequently, ensure to have a light meal before the PRP facial. 

No prior infection 

Before availing of the PRP facial, you should also make sure that you are not ill or suffering from fever or something like this infection. If you are, then it is not desirable for you to get the PRP facial done. It is better to consult your physician if you are sick beforehand only so that they can come up with the best plan for you.

No medications or drugs 

Another thing about which you need to be careful is to avoid taking medications, blood thinners, or any other type of drugs before getting the PRP facial done. There are chances of all these clottings your platelets which is, without any doubt, an important part of your PRP therapy. But besides this, you can have Tylenol as dermatologists consider this to be fine. 

No make up 

During your appointment with your physician, avoid wearing makeup to the physician’s clinic. Cosmetics will make it harder for the physician to treat your skin, and that’s why it is suggested to avail the treatment without wearing any makeup. 

PRP facial aftercare instructions 

After the PRP facial also, there are many things to look at. This is the only thing that will guarantee you the best results. Let us learn some of the aftercare instructions to give you fabulous skin. 

Resume your routine tasks 

The treatment does not tell you to keep your routine tasks at bay as you can immediately leave the physician’s clinic. Without any worry, you can resume your daily tasks and get back to your routine. 

Avoid washing face 

You should strictly avoid washing your face for at least a day after the PRP facial, as PRP therapy works best. you leave the area undisturbed. If still, there is an urgent need to wash the face, then you can dab dry the skin so that your skin does not get pulled. 

Refrain from swimming 

For some days, you should not even think about swimming. There are several chemicals in the pool which can harm your skin in unexpected ways. So it will be advantageous for you if you postpone your swimming plan for some days to get the best results of the PRP facial. 

No other facials 

When you have just undergone PRP facial therapy, you should postpone your plans to get other facial treatments. For the next two weeks, one should not get these done. No doubt that all the facials work towards giving you the best skin goals and results, but if availed simultaneously, they might clash with one another. 

No hot showers 

One should avoid all kinds of sun exposure for the first three days following the treatment. Along with this, you should also refrain from going to shower, saunas, or taking a hot shower. It is because it can damage sensitive skin. Consequently, avoid getting out in the sun unless it is urgent. 

Follow up sessions 

One should sit at home comfortably after availing merely one session only. Because if you want to have the excellent results of the PRP facial, then you also need to have the follow-up sessions of the same. Keep on getting the maintenance sessions unless you get the desired results. 


If you are still unsure about its results, compare the PRP facial before and after pictures to get a fair idea about it. Get it done now from med spa Beverly hills.


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