5 Ways to Gather Consumer Insights Before You Launch Your Business

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Launching a new product is a risky business. What would people think about the product? How would they react to the pricing? Is the customer care service fast enough? How is the product market going to react to a new product launched?

All these questions arise in your mind when you are trying to launch a new business. During high school, I worked one summer with Spectrum Cable providers, just to make few extra bucks. I saw that whenever there was a new project launch in the pipeline, there used to be this extra hustle and bustle around. So, if you too feel the energy vibes around you already, here are some ways to help you get things moving even further!

Think like Mark Zuckerberg

No! Don’t create another Facebook, not for a while at least. Just pick the crux from his success story. When he came up with the idea for Facebook, he was a grad student. All he had was a few friends and little cash. He did not wait to become a billionaire to give a shape to his ideas or waited for some stroke of lightning to enlighten his path for him. He did one simple thing: gave shape to his idea!if you have a business idea, go for the prosecution of it, instead of taking years to refine it.

Welcome Criticism from Day One

If your employees are not open and welcoming to criticism, you cannot expect it from your customers to make the effort. Provide a vision to your employees to be welcoming to customer feedback, positive and negative both. When they receive calls, they should ask for consumer feedback regarding your product. Taking feedback from the consumers who are reaching out to you is the best possible way to do it, as they are already available without the company making any effort. Also, the consumer is already connected to the company and is ready to listen to whatever your customer care representative says.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

In today’s world, social media is the best friend you could ever have to help you if you are going for the launch of any new business. You can design social media surveys to get feedback. Make sure to create company profile accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and any other platform that suits the requirements of your company and the product you are selling. Keep a track of discussions and conversations which discuss your products or company, and it is free. Hire people to write favorable blogs. Look after the blogs, listen to what people are saying, and comment where necessary. It shows that you care about what consumers have to say about your product.

Further, use these comments and reviews to advertise your product. Research shows that most of people prefer to buy the product with good customer reviews. Taking surveys to take feedback shows to your customers that the company intends to improve based on their opinions. It creates a strong sense of belonging between the customer and the company.

Open Up Customer Service

Now that you are done with the social media representation of your company, it is now time to open up your customer care phone lines and let them reach out to you for any queries they have. It is also a good option to keep track of those calls. People come up with complaints, suggestions, opinions, queries, and issues. Everything should be categorized so that major issues and complaints are sorted out at the right time.

Give a vision to your customer service to provide a helpful and friendly service, so that the customers are encouraged to call again!

Search for Behavioral Patterns in Your Data!

Now that you have your data from social media websites and your customer service feedback, trace behavioral data patterns in your data. Behavioral patterns provide an insight into how people react in a certain way to different notions and new concepts. This can help you lot in customizing your product according to the needs of your consumers.

Use Feedback

Now that you have your feedback in your hands, it is now time to implement it to make your company better. You get a lot of suggestions during your feedback, and sometimes you get some very good ideas to improve your business. Feedback not only provides you with an insight into the consumer mindset but also is a very good way to improve your business growth strategies. Once I called the Spectrum phone number with a suggestion, and they implemented it into their system. I am sure it helped many people, and also their business.


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