Free social media monitoring tools to jack up your social media

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Social Media is a dynamic marketing platform to gear up the business’s success in no time. Owing to its extensive use, plenty of social listening or tracking tools, strategies, and solutions are available in the market. Some offering free trials and others coming at skyrocketing prices providing comprehensive tracking – yet seem more of a burden on the budget. Thus, let us introduce you to some free social media monitoring tools that are best yet free all the time.

But before heading straight to the tools, why not get to know that:


Why do you need to do social media monitoring?

Most of the time, you are just leveraging in the different SMM Services however don’t know much about the end result. Nonetheless, staying heedful can save you from wasting time and fortune and amend the strategies (if they aren’t producing the desired results).

Monitoring social media, aka social media listening, will tell you what social media users perceive about your business. And what is said and shared related to your brand by the audience?

More specifically, you will be monitoring the keywords, hashtags, mentions, conversions across one or all the platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.


Another way to keep track of Social Media 

Every business has unique goals and needs. Similarly, every social media network certainly gives different feedback. So you might not understand these monitoring tools at best or even your business analytics. Indeed, expertise is needed to keep the business’s social media in check.

Therefore, it is practicable to consult an Agency with full-range Social Media Marketing Services. The agency will manage your social media networks entirely from the content to the monitoring. So you can select your desired level of support to streamline your business social media presence, generating leads and conversions.

Still and all, let’s move forward to

Free social media monitoring tools



TweetDeck specifically deals with Twitter with real-time results. You can monitor the users, hashtags, search terms, topics, lists, and even events or live tweetstorms. What’s unique to this software is that you can organize the dashboard into panels to separately track the content and conversions from different groups – for instance, users and competitors.


Social Mention

Social Mention, also called Mention, helps you keep an eye on your brand name and all types of content (blog, microblog, image, and video) comprehensively. As we know that Getting the top-notch content writing services is important to rank you on every platform. Following this software capabilities, agencies and brands use Mention to monitor social media activities and conversions across many search engines and social media networks. In addition, it reports and profoundly analyzes the audience insights, tracks search terms by language/source/date, and lets you set alarms for marketing campaigns.



Followerwonk makes Twitter easy with audience data (bios and profiles) and preferences to tracking the brand mentions. Moreover, you can separately use Followerwonk for Facebook and Instagram for influencers, users, and optimization for social growth.

It is one of the leading free social media monitoring tools. However, if the provided features in the free version aren’t enough to cater to your social media needs, you can also pay for the new features.


Google Alerts

With Google Alerts, all you have to do is to input your chosen topic(s). Eventually, Google outlines when and how many times the topic(s) has been mentioned after scanning through the internet.

Google Alerts has the perfect name as it helps you set alerts to know each time your brand/services/products get mentioned – tracking at the easiest. Like Mention, Google Alerts also has a feature of dividing the sources (blogs, news, forums) according to language, location, and date.



You might have seen BuzzSumo concerning the content field. However, its capability makes it perfect for monitoring your competitors, brand mentions, and industry updates regarding social media. In addition, you can get to know the best-performing content formats across all social networks. Amazingly, its dashboard saves the activities as daily, monthly, and yearly reports for later use. Its free version has kind of limited features; however, you can upgrade to the paid version when you want.


Summing Up 

In this post, we have reeled off the free social media monitoring tools you can use and know where your business is standing right now.

If you are thinking about the agencies that can manage your social media? Whichever Social Media Marketing Agency you hire to be active socially, make sure the SMM Services are up to par.

However, whatever choice you want to go with DIY (doing it yourself) or hook up with Social Media Marketing Services. Stay focused on strengthening your social media presence and get boosted sales and conversions.


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