Four Solid B2B Lead Generation Strategies to Follow in 2021

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For a B2B marketing campaign to be successful, it has to generate some quality leads with the potential to boost the bottom line of the business. Having quality leads means you have someone to reach out to, provide value, and convince them that your products or services can solve their problems or add value to their life. However, generating leads through a B2B marketing strategy is no simple feat, as there is a lot more involved in the process than the typical inbound and outbound strategy. But with the right strategies and tactics in place, your B2B marketing campaign may bring a wealth of leads, enabling you to reach more people and turn them into your clients.

Here are the top B2B lead generation tactics and strategies for you to follow in 2021:

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the best tools that businesses can use to pique interest in people and convince them to try their services. This is especially true for content-focused businesses. They can share quality content (articles, videos, infographics, etc.) with their potential clients and offer them a sense of value. When prospects notice how your content can be beneficial for them, they may consider choosing you over those who add little to no value to their life or business. So, when including B2B lead generation strategies in your marketing campaigns, don’t forget the power of content marketing in 2021. 

Social media marketing

Social media allows for a more targeted approach, enabling you to refine your B2B lead generation process. Many marketers believe that social networks such as LinkedIn can be a great tool to reach out to potential clients, engage with them, and turn them into your customers. However, for social media marketing to generate results, you need to know your audience and their needs and put forward the right solution at the right time. Posting a 400-word company profile that doesn’t cater to the needs of your target audience is unlikely to gain you leads, no matter where you post it. 


While the content and social media marketing take time to bring in potential customers, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is one of the quickest and effective ways to get your brand heard and grab the attention of potential clients. It can be more effective if you know who your target audience is and what exactly they are looking for. A good B2B lead generation campaign must-have PPC as one of the strategies. 

While there are a dozen other strategies to include in your B2B marketing campaign, focusing on content marketing, social media marketing, and PPC can significantly boost your lead generation process and take your business to the next level.


Create hard-hitting lead magnets and incentives

Lead magnets are the bread to your B2B lead generation butter if you do this in a correct way.

A lead magnet is anything that you can offer a prospect that has enough perceived value in exchange for their contact information, like an email address. If you want to create an effective lead magnet, you need to focus on your buyer personas and a specific challenge that they have and that you can address.”

But most companies get the whole lead magnet thing wrong. They offer surface-level content that’s already available on a typical blog post. That’s not exactly “magnetic”, is it? 

Don’t make the same mistake. 


So unless you’re confident it’s valuable, scrap the “mini-ebook” and instead offer heavy resources like:

  • In-depth guides.
  • Comprehensive how-tos. 
  • And detailed case studies.

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