Food Blogging Guide: Basic Steps You Need To Take To Be A Food Blogger

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With the growing advent of social media, it is possible to know the favorites of every restaurant even before you visit them. But the question is how the dishes are present on social media platforms? Yes, major credit goes to the owner and their team but food bloggers also play an important role. Food bloggers are the people who interweave the foodie strings along with their knowledge of photography as well as blogging. They go to places, try the food served, and review those gourmets.

Many people will be food bloggers but do not know the way to become one. Here, we will be discussing the ways, from beginning a food blog to monetizing it, for every blogging type. 

Decide your niche

The very first thing you have to decide after you have already decided you want to be a food blogger is what actually will be your niche. Food blogging has become quite a trend now and with that comes the competition. You cannot go through the internet, see some food images and start uploading them. You have to be your competition every day and you have to be unique. You can choose a food blog aimed to enhance the local restaurant or you can choose to blog about the most lavish restaurants from your area. If you are a frequent traveler, you can go to explore the best food places in different towns and cities, even countries.

Choose a blog name

After you have decided that you will be doing food blogging, whether you choose to be a blog writer or a social media blogger, you have to decide on a name for your blog. Choose a blog name that is easy for your audience and surely expresses the summary of your blog. You can’t keep a food blog with a travel title, it does not suit your business and will mislead the audience. Similarly, if you own an Instagram page for your food blog, you should have a name that suits your blog theme.

Make sure it’s affordable

You are not going to have a blog without the money to spend on it. There are possibilities that you will be going to spend a lot of time in restaurants, cafes, and places that ask for money for food. You have to make sure you have enough money to go to those places, food blogging is quite expensive at times. Before you think you will manage everything once you start earning from the blog, make sure you have the money to drag the blog to the earning level. 

Build consistency

Being consistent is the success mantra of every business and this is the same with food blogging. If you have started food blogging just for a hobby, you may find yourself posting once or twice a week, for some time you might have regular followers. But after some time you will see a drop in your follower list. This is because you are not consistent. If you want to achieve some level, you have to be consistent, post daily at least once. Keep in mind that under posting or over posting, both can lead to an unsuccessful blogging pattern.

Choosing a domain and hosting

In case you are going to build a website for food blogging, you will find yourself stuck in a conundrum for what will be your domain name, your site address, and host. Start by choosing a domain name that suits your niche and then goes for getting hosting. You can choose web hosts such as Bluehost, GoDaddy, and many more according to your budget. The hosting provider will help you with setting up your domain name, website, and launching of your blog, you just need to be coordinative and patient. You can also choose a theme as you like and your website will all be set.

Content strategy

No matter if you are building a social media page or website, you have to plan a content strategy for your food blogging. These are the few steps you need to be assured of when you are planning a content strategy:

  1.       Know your target audience
  2.       Monitor your competitors
  3.       Make a regular posting plan either weekly or monthly
  4.       Always have additional content
  5.       Learn to click appealing pictures
  6.       Play with pictures and videos
  7.       Know the trends in your niche
  8.       Don’t forget to post every day

Promote your blog

Once you have built a content strategy and started blogging, gaining followers, and have a certain good number of followers, it’s time to reach a little wider audience now. Promoting your blog is the best way to do this because it helps more people engage with your posts or content, which will be a great help for your blogging business. You can ask your friends to share your Instagram page or website to gain more followers on their social media platforms. You can also do paid promotion by lending some money or any desirable exchanges to different pages or websites to promote your business.


The final step is to monetize your blog. This might look tiring at times but it is worth the wait. Monetizing is the one major thing you have wanted to achieve for so long right? You can start monetizing by creating ads along with your Instagram page or you can run advertisements on your website. Ads are the most valuable sources of generating revenue. You can also sponsor other’s content on your page and can generate a good income from the same. Once you have started to monetize, you will automatically be able to gain a good amount of followers.

Following these steps will bring you closer to your goal of becoming a successful food blogger and you will be easily earning from it. Take some time out for your food blogging journey and start today. 


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