Tips to Fix SD Card

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On a day-to-day basis, many people all over the world use SD cards to secure their data, whether on a Smartphone or a digital camera. The usefulness of an SD card is undeniable as it is portable and convenient to store a large amount of data in different formats. However, not many of us know the meaning of SD, or shall I say how many of us even bothered to know the full form of SD card. Well, SD card stands for Secure Digital. It has a non-volatile memory; which, enables to securely store data and videos digitally for a longer period of time. 

Also, it helps to retrieve information as and when required at our convenience. 

People are so dependent on this small magical card that even a minute complaint in the functioning of the card is enough to put people under stressful conditions. The popping of an error message sends tension in our nerves as we connect error messages directly to losing our preciously gathered information from the SD card. By formatting the damaged SD card, we tend to lose all our data from it. 

Here, in this article, we point out the indications and causes, which alert you about the card malfunctioning. Also, the required quick and easy remedies to fix those errors. You can visit this link to know how to remove write protection from your SD card. When using the card, if the error message is displayed as an SD card not found or damaged, then it is advisable to no longer use such a card as loading of new data makes it impossible to retrieve the previous data already present in the card. This happens mainly in the change in the format of the file while data had transferred to the card.

Causes for the corrupt SD card 

Some of the common causes leading to corruption of card as follows:

  1. Not ejecting the card properly.
  2. Removal of the card while transferring data.
  3. The file system of the card is corrupt.
  4. The use of the same memory card on multiple devices.
  5. The card is physically damaged due to electric currents, scratches, breakage, or fallen from a height.
  6. Presence of virus on the SD card.

Steps to repair SD card

One of the first and the common practice is to switch off the device and remove the card from the SD card slot. Again, re-insert it and turn on the device. If this basic technique works, then quickly back up your data to prevent such disheartening incidences.

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However, if re-inserting the SD card doesn’t work, and it shows a card error message. Then connect the card to the laptop. This assists us in seeing whether the error message is due to the compatibility issue or not. Once we clarify that and the error still persists, then use the command prompt method.

While the SD card is still connected to the computer, click on “My Computer” and click on the SD card drive under the “Devices and drives.” Now run, check disk command where the last letter indicates the letter of the drive, e.g., chkdsk g:/r. This command scans the card for the error and also repairs it.

If this step also doesn’t work, then format your SD card. Hence, it is always advisable to keep the backup of your data from an SD card to protect oneself from such unforeseen conditions.  

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